00:04 Speaker 1: I have my ups downs like anyone else.

00:11 Speaker 2: Maybe more than anyone else.

00:16 Speaker 3: Things can be hard to figure out.

00:21 Speaker 4: I like my privacy. I like to work things out myself.

00:29 Speaker 5: I don't like you looking over my shoulder all the time.

00:36 Speaker 6: But you know your kid better than anyone and if you think she hasn't been herself lately...

00:42 S2: Acting really down. Crying all the time for no reason.

00:46 S5: Getting really mad.

00:48 S3: Not able to sleep and sleeping too much.

00:52 S4: Shutting his friends out and staying in his room all the time.

00:56 S3: Acting reckless, drinking, using drugs.

01:00 S5: Not doing the stuff he used to love.

01:02 S1: Doing stuff that's not like her.

01:05 S2: Might be nothing to worry about. Might just be high school.

01:08 S6: But it might be something more. She might be depressed.

01:12 S1: Not just feeling down. Really depressed.

01:17 S5: Your kid might be thinking about killing himself.

01:21 S4: It happens more than you think. More than it should.

01:25 S3: And when it's too late people say, "I had no idea."

01:27 S2: I thought it was just a phase.

01:29 S6: I never thought she'd actually do it.

01:30 S1: I wish she'd said something.

01:32 S4: I wish I'd said something.

01:34 S6: If you think your kid's acting differently, if she seems like a different person, you should say something.

01:42 S2: Ask, "What's wrong? Do you want to talk about it? How can I help?"

01:49 S3: Maybe you're afraid you'll make it worse if you ask, like you put the idea in their head.

01:53 S4: It doesn't work like that.

01:55 S6: The best way to help a teenager who might be suicidal is to just ask.

01:59 S3: Are you feeling so bad that you're thinking about killing yourself?

02:03 S2: If they say, "Yes."

02:07 S3: Maybe.

02:08 S5: Sometimes.

02:10 S1: Don't say...

02:11 S4: That's crazy.

02:12 S3: Don't be such a drama queen.

02:14 S6: That boy's not worth killing yourself over.

02:16 S5: You're not gonna kill yourself.

02:17 S2: You're just trying to get attention.

02:19 S6: Yes. They're trying to get attention. They feel distressed, lost, alone.

02:27 S4: What you should say is...

02:28 S3: I'm sorry you're feeling so bad.

02:31 S2: Do you wanna talk about what's going on?

02:33 S6: How can I help?

02:36 S1: We'll get through this together.

02:38 S2: Let's keep you safe.

02:41 S5: A lot of people feel so bad that they think about killing themselves. Adults and kids.

02:46 S4: So if your kid says...

02:48 S6: Things are never gonna change.

02:51 S1: I can't live like this.

02:57 S3: I'd be better off dead.

03:02 S4: I'm gonna kill myself.

03:05 S5: Take him seriously. Listen to what he's got going on for him and find someone he can talk to about it, someone who knows how to help.

03:13 S2: Talk to your doctor.

03:14 S1: Talk to a counsellor at your kid's school.

03:16 S4: Don't just let it go.

03:17 S6: Make sure your kid always has someone to talk to. Someone she trusts.

03:21 S1: You could make a list together, four or five names of people they trust.

03:25 S5: Put the number of a mental help support line on there too.

03:28 S2: Ask him to keep the list in his wallet or his phone. That way, he always knows who he can go to.

03:35 S4: Make sure your home is safe straight away.

03:38 S3: If you have any medication that she could use to hurt herself, lock it up.

03:43 S2: Don't leave him alone.

03:45 S6: Take her to the nearest hospital.

03:47 S1: Call 000 if you have to.

03:49 S4: If you think something might be wrong, the only way to find out is to ask.

03:55 S3: Ask straight out. Are you thinking about killing yourself?

04:00 S6: It can make a big difference.

04:02 S2: It could make all the difference to your kid's life.