Any parent will tell you that raising kids is one of the biggest, most rewarding challenges you’ll face in life.

They’ll probably also tell you that things feel hardest when it’s all new and you’re still figuring out how to dismantle the pram without losing a thumb.

That's why we've been following a group of new dads on their journey into fatherhood for our four-part web series, Dadvice.



Episode 1 – Work

Episode 2 – Mates

Episode 3 – Relationships

Episode 4 – You

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If you’re finding life as a new dad harder than you expected, you’re not the only one. Complete this two-minute checklist and get some tips for dialing down your stress levels.

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We can't help you win the 3am standoff over whose turn it is to get up. 
But if you need some tips for supporting yourself and your family, we've got you covered.


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