It's a long road when you don't ask for help

by SarahQLD on  18 November 2016
You'll be a've worked with kids your whole've got this.....NOT! When I fell pregnant with my first daughter I was over the moon! It was exactly what my husband and I had planned for and we couldn't wait to get our family started! Little did I know that it would undo me in every possible way. Instead of loving pregnancy I loathed it. I had stress fractures in my foot due to loose tendons and sciatica so bad that I would collapse into a heap. I would cry in my sleep from the pain in my hip. Prior to being pregnant I was fit, athletic and full of energy. By the time I was giving birth I was defeated and exhausted. I had breast feeding problems, mastitis, infected stitches and hormonal issues that had my doctors baffled.  After 4 months of being on antibiotics and in constant pain ( both emotional and physical) I was a wreck. Who was I? A failed mother. A lousy wife. A broken soul. I had no idea who I had become. I went to the doctors after the health nurse told me I had many indicators of PND. It wasn't my normal GP and she told me exercise would fix my problems. I didn't feel comfortable enough to discuss the issue any further so I left. Stupid mistake. It took me early three years to feel like a person again. It was awful. It was lonely and it was dark. I still get emotional thinking about it. That was 7 years ago......earlier this year I gave birth to my second daughter. Within 2 weeks my anxiety so bad I wasn't eating, sleeping or processing anything. I refused to go down this path again. I went to the GP, demanded help and left with a script in my hands. All I can say is.......LIFE CHANGING! I am enjoying motherhood, I am laughing, I am sleeping and I am loving life. It's been 8 months and I am almost completely weaned off the medication. I can't believe I suffered for years with my first daughter when all I had to do was ask for help. There is NO SHAME! Sometimes it is the most confident woman who suffer the most. Swallow your pride, ask for help and most importantly.....know that you are not alone.💕

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