Paul and I have three beautiful children because we got help..

by IlonaVIC on  16 November 2015
Unfortunately the stigma around perinatal depression and anxiety as well as depression has not changed between having Joshua in 2007 and having Samuel in 2015. Depression is debilitating and having pnda while coming to terms with a new baby is beyond debilitating. I had and still have a fabulous family and friend support network and without them would have struggled. Before having Joshua I didn't even know what pnda was and unfortunately for new mum's and dad's this is still the case. Having a family is wonderful but it is also life changing. Mum's and dad's, grandparents and carers need to speak up. Please stop portraying a new parent as picture perfect as I personally think this is not the norm. Some parents sail through the first couple of months which is wonderful while others struggle. We don't hear about the struggles. This week is a great opportunity to tell your story. I have three beautiful children. I wouldn't be the mother I am today without a lot of help along the way. I can personally thank my amazing husband and all my family for getting me through all three pregnancies, births and the first four months of my children's lives before being able to say I am a mum, I love being a mum and I love my children. I talk openly about pnda and was able to get help early. Please speak up, be heard and get the help as I could not imagine a life without my beautiful family or any child without a mother that loves them 100%.

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