Tell someone.

by KatyTAS on  18 November 2014

About 2 months ago I was feeling down and very teary all the time. I was not coping with my toddler and 4 mth old. I started to wonder if I had some PND and mentioned it to my husband. Then I had a particularly down day and called my Mum in tears. I didnt want to leave the house but she made me go to her house with the kids and have a chat. She also recognised the signs as she thinks she had pnd after having me but it wasnt talked about much back then. Anyway, we made an appointment with my GP and a week later I was diagnosed and started on a low dose antidepressant. I am now feeling a lot better and coping ok. I still have times when I feel a little down but it isnt as bad.


If you dont feel ok, tell someone. I am so glad I told my family and they helped me to get help.

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