Information for rainbow families

While many of the experiences for parents, caregivers, and families are similar, rainbow families, or same-sex parented families, can have a number of unique experiences, joys and challenges.

 This can include being asked questions about how their family is created, seeking inclusive care and treatment from health care providers and kindergartens, childcare centres and schools, celebrating the role they play contributing to the understanding of and respect for diversity in Australia, and concern about whether their children will be subject to teasing and bullying. 
At different times, rainbow families may find themselves experiencing more questions than normal, or be facing particularly difficult and intrusive questions, or have their experiences and those of young people being discussed in the media and wider community. 

Support for you and your children

Rainbow families may often have to educate people in the community, and a lack of understanding and acceptance, and the negative comments this can bring can cause distress and the worry for the wellbeing of children and others in the family. 

The QLife Community Referral Database links people with LGBTI inclusive and targeted services, including rainbow families groups and support avenues. 

Healthy Families aims to give you the information, knowledge and confidence to support the young people in your life. We’re also here to help you take care of your own mental health and wellbeing during difficult times. 

You can learn more about same-sex families in Outspoken Families: A resource kit for rainbow families, including some of the key research for the wellbeing of children in same-sex families, and information and advice on managing some of the joys and challenges facing rainbow families.  

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