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Topic: “Hit and run” OCD

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. AmzzmA1993
    AmzzmA1993 avatar
    3 posts
    4 April 2020

    Hey guys! I’ve recently developed the fear of running someone or something over when I’m driving, particularly at night time but it’s becoming more and more frequent throughout the day as well. Whenever I hit a bump in the road or take my eyes off the road for a second to check the time or change the station I am overcome with the fear that it was a living thing which I just ran over in my car. If I can’t be sure I have an overwhelming urge to turn around and double check but then I need to double check what I’ve already double checked.

    Does anyone else deal with this? Does anyone know what I can to do stop myself from thinking this way? It’s so exhausting, I know in the bottom of heart that it’s just a bump in the road but I’m so scared of leaving someone injured or getting in to trouble that I need to double check.

    thanks guys

  2. Betternow
    Betternow avatar
    244 posts
    4 April 2020 in reply to AmzzmA1993

    Hi AmzzmA

    You've done the smart thing by posting here as I’m sure many readers will be familiar with your situation.

    You have described one of the most common manifestations of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It’s a text book classic. Have you seen a health professional and if the answer is “yes”, have you been diagnosed with anxiety?

    It is very important that you seek treatment as early as possible, if you haven’t already. There are effective treatments for OCD and the sooner you are in the hands of an expert the better your outcome.

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  3. AmzzmA1993
    AmzzmA1993 avatar
    3 posts
    4 April 2020 in reply to Betternow

    Thank you so much for replying, it helps to know how common it actually is and that there’s is hope for me to be “fixed”.

    I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression and social/general anxiety and am on medication daily.

    I have tried to organise a session with my psychologist (whom I haven’t seen for months) but she hasn’t got back to me. I’m going to make an appt to see my GP for Monday but I’m not sure what help there is going to be for me with everything going on in the world.

    Thank you again so much.

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