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Topic: New anxiety symptom is worrying me

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  1. Simonecs89
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    26 December 2019
    Hi everyone. About a month ago a new symptom popped up and my dr thinks it’s anxiety. I question myself whether it is as I often think the worst and think it could be more. It constantly feels like my throat is closing up, sometimes worse than others. It’s a hard feeling to explain. It would be very very comforting to know that others suffer from this anxiety inducing symptom too and that it can’t hurt me. If you do, is there anything to help you deal with it?
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  2. Peppermintbach
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    27 December 2019 in reply to Simonecs89

    Hi Simonecs

    Your anxiety sounds very overwhelming. I can imagine how unsettling, stressful and debilitating it feels...it must be frightening to feel that way.

    Sorry, I admittedly don’t struggle with something similar. But I know that there are many people on the forums who struggle with anxiety that comes out as various physical symptoms. So I feel many people would be able to empathise...

    I don’t know if you have seen it already, but there is a beyondblue thread called self helps tip for managing anxiety. It is full of tips/suggestions to help manage anxiety (exactly as suggested by the title). If you’re interested, I think the easiest way is probably to type the thread title in the search bar.

    You might be able to draw inspiration from that thread. I know it’s a little long, so if it’s a bit much, maybe read it in multiple sittings. Alternatively, maybe you could try to skim read the first and last pages for an overview. Just some gentle suggestions.

    Kind and caring thoughts,


  3. Dan_1000
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    10 January 2020 in reply to Simonecs89

    Hi Simonecs89 thanks for sharing and I can empathise with that feeling that you're experiencing something that you're not sure is common! In intense anxiety i get this strange chin wobble that I get extremely self-conscious about but whenever i Google it i get responses like Parkinsons!

    Whilst i don't experience your symptom I have seen this come up a lot in this forum and others so rest assured that you are not alone. From my understanding it cannot hurt you, but in these situations it can be really hard to think rationally. I think practicing mindfulness or having a mantra to remind you that you will be ok and that it's temporary may help you when situations get bad.

    All the best


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