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Topic: Advice physical symptoms

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  1. Mina19
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    22 posts
    15 April 2020


    I haven't posted in quite a long time.. I guess I must have been coping ok for a while. Lately with the whole virus thing and having to stay home and all I've been feeling beyond stressed. I know I'm not the only one but I try to do things to get my mind off things like watch a movie, study online or play with pets outside but I still feel messed up. I've been having crazy nightmares, my digestive system has gone haywire, headaches, crying, muscle pain, and nausea. Then on top of that I feel I need to google my symptoms and well that really tops things off. Any suggestions of how I can make all this stop. Sorry for the rant but I really needed to get this off my chest.

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  2. smallwolf
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    4425 posts
    15 April 2020 in reply to Mina19

    Hi Mina19,

    First of all, don't apologise for ranting. It is a perfectly good thing to do in this space - to get something out of your head and put somewhere else.

    I sorta know how you feel. My story started a couple of years ago and working from home. Now, due to the current situation I m back there now. Some of my physical symptoms are returning as well. It would be rather hypocritical to give you any advice as I am trying to work through this as well. If I had to tell myself what to do it would be to look at what worked in the past and that would means utilizing my distraction and coping tools. If I were looking at the forums I would browse the threads on grounding and mindfulness.


  3. blondguy
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    10789 posts
    15 April 2020 in reply to Mina19

    Hello Mina19 (wave to Smallwolf Tim)

    I remember you on the forums a while ago! Even though our current circumstances leave a lot to be desired its good to see you Mina19! You are an articulate and proactive person Mina...You have never ranted

    I hope you can have a look at a super helpful thread topic written by Annabay last October....Its all about these awful symptoms of anxiety....Its a huge thread yet reflects what we are feeling with Covid-19


    your input is always welcome Mina

    my kind thoughts in this difficult time


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