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Topic: Anxiety- physical symptoms

9 posts, 0 answered
  1. Tommih
    Tommih avatar
    0 posts
    7 September 2019
    Please ,can someone tell me if anxiety really causes stomach issues ,nausea ,sometimes loss of appetite,it’s scarin* me witless
  2. 44Max44
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    7 September 2019 in reply to Tommih
    Yes, anxiety can and usually does cause all of those symptoms.
    I've experienced every one of those symptoms due to anxiety. Stomach issues, loss of appetite, and nausea are all common-place for me when I'm feeling anxious, as well as headaches, 'pressure' in the chest, pressure behind the eyes, and much, much more.

    So no need to worry, all of that is common-place for anxiety sufferers.
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  3. Miss920
    Miss920 avatar
    1 posts
    7 September 2019

    Hi Tommih

    im sorry you are feeling these symptoms of anxiety. Yes in my experience of anxiety, there are many symptoms physical and mental that can make you feel quite unwell! Mine were severe upon diagnosis and included extreme nausea, stomach pain, feeling on edge, shortness of breath, dizziness and headaches. I also have had panic attacks. In the beginning I was super scared because I didn’t know what was happening to my body or mind- with my first panic attack I ended up in emergency thinking it was a heart attack but I was greeted with a kind nurse who assured me after testing my vitals, and learning I was on new medications upon diagnosis that this was a severe form of anxiety.

    Please don’t be alarmed, now you are aware this is anxiety, you can hopefully seek help and strategies to address yr symptoms. What have you tried? I found a combination of mindfulness, medication and counselling effective. There are also many resources and apps that focus on relaxation, deep breathing or yoga nidra. I hope you feel some relief soon, it can leave you feeling very exhausted, so make sure you get plenty of rest, and take time out for some downtime too! Sending you well wishes and kind thoughts your way! 🤗🤗🤗🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  4. Academy
    Academy avatar
    0 posts
    10 September 2019
    Hi, my name is Sandra and this is my first post. I have been diagnosed with anxiety due to various symptoms,but I am terrified after some of my anxiety attacks. My main one, is ,my eyes losing focus ,feeling unsteady. I am terrified,sometimes for days afterwards,and don’t want to drive in case I have an episode. Does anyone else have experiences like this. I feel I should be enjoying life at my age (73). I lost my husband 5 years ago and I miss him. I look after my 2 grandchildren a lot (my choice). I am now moving out of my home of 47 years and feel that this may be the catalyst that has exacerbated my symptoms in the last few months. Any ideas,as this is a daily occurrence at the moment. Thank you for listening.
  5. Here I am
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    11 September 2019 in reply to Academy

    Hello Sandra,

    I caught your comment and thought I'd reply with hopefully something of value.

    My anxiety attacks caused me to experience a feeling of being in slow motion and like I was about to pass out. This would happen with little warning, although their was some intense signs in the seconds prior to - heart pounding, sounds around me becoming distant and like they were echoing, and a wave of butterflies in my stomach. My biggest concern was when this would occur whilst out and about with my children; they would be talking to me and I would think about something and this wave of anxiety would engulf me for a minute or so. Thankfully I never had this whilst driving.

    Learning about an app called 'Smiling Mind' really helped me. After a couple of clumsy attempts in the privacy of my lounge room before anyone else got up, I found I could use the breathing techniques to bring about a healthy and helpful distraction to the anxiety. I still found the attacks would come, but instead of having to endure it, I could choose to breath for a minute or two instead. Yes, I still stood their in a state of abnormality (for want of a better term), but I was in control of myself and didn't feel horrible!

    Is an app like Smiling Mind something you could use, or some other form of guided relaxation/meditation? I found it much more useful than anything else when in the grip of a pending attack, and highly recommend at least trying something along the lines of breathing techniques to remain tethered to reality and not lost in an attack.

    Let us know how you get along, and well done on your first post! :-)

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  6. 44Max44
    44Max44 avatar
    0 posts
    11 September 2019 in reply to Academy
    Hi Sandra, and welcome to the forums

    Anxiety symptoms to do with your eyes are really daunting, I myself get a lot of eye problems due to anxiety. Some of the ones I've experienced are; a 'pressure' in the eyes, the sensation that somethings in my eyes when there isn't anything, blurry vision, and trouble focusing on stuff.
    Most, if not all of these symptoms are caused by all the adrenaline that floods your body when you're feeling anxious.
    For me, my eyes only feel 'weird' when I'm thinking about them and checking if I still have the symptoms, but when I'm preoccupied with something else they usually feel just fine. So really the only way I've found to make my eyes feel normal again is to try my hardest not to think about them because as soon as I do the symptoms come back.

    In fact, right now after writing this post I'm getting some of the symptoms again, probably because I'm thinking about them.

    Anyways, I hope any of this helps

  7. Academy
    Academy avatar
    0 posts
    11 September 2019 in reply to 44Max44
    Thank you. It is nice to know that i’m Not the only one that experiences eye problems with anxiety. I know that secondary fear is worse than the actual symptom but I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. I will try not to think of them,as you have suggested. Thank you
  8. Academy
    Academy avatar
    0 posts
    11 September 2019 in reply to Here I am
    Thank you. I will certainly look for this app. I am so sick of feeling like this,that i’m Willing to try anything. Thank you for your help.
  9. Amz87
    Amz87 avatar
    0 posts
    13 September 2019 in reply to Tommih

    According to my dr, yes. I have been extremely unwell with constant nausea, vomiting, and out the other end too (sorry TMI!) i have lost around 15kg since this started and I believe the anxiety is coming from my worries about my heart health (I have some issues going on there) I’m only 32 with 4 kids to look after and I’ve completely stopped going out unless absolutely necessary, cancelling kids swimming lessons and basically just hanging in. I have a really hard time believing this is just anxiety but the Dr says that’s what it is. I’ve had stool tests and urine tests and blood work. All mostly ok.

    she wants me to take AD but I’m reluctant.

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