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Topic: Anxiety about electricity

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. bill12345
    bill12345 avatar
    12 posts
    12 September 2020
    Hi i have anxiety and mild OCD and today i am really worried because i have my laptop charging through an ax tension cord across my floor and when i was walking on my carpet i felt like my foot was vibrating and i’m really scared now i’ve been electrocuted, is that possible, i don’t know if my mind is making it up
  2. therising
    Valued Contributor
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    therising avatar
    2172 posts
    13 September 2020 in reply to bill12345

    Hi bill

    The mind (aka the brain at work) is definitely an interesting thing. Sometimes it can definitely be hard to interpret it when it's trying to convey what we're sensing.

    Seeing that electrocution is typically something shocking, doesn't sound like that's what you're sensing. So, the question remains 'What are you sensing in this case?' Quantum physicists, spiritual practitioners and practitioners of traditional medicine all insist we're energetic creatures, with the ability to sense energy. While it can be clear to sense when we're significantly charged at times, like in the case of static electric shock after rubbing our feet on the carpet and getting a zap, other times it isn't always clear. Still, there can be that sense that we're feeling something.

    I imagine you're already a sensitive person (able to sense quite easily), seeing you can sense or feel the energy of your nervous system getting worked up, in the case of anxiety. Have you ever noticed the vibration in your feet before? I know this is going to sound seriously weird but every morning I start the day in a work up kind of meditation. I sense the energy buzzing in my feet. Hold my arms up and out to the sides, stretching out my hands, until I can feel a bit of a buzzing and pulsing in my hands. This leads me to wonder whether you're becoming more sensitive in interesting ways, ways that weren't so obvious before. Just a thought.

    When we feel certain sensations for the first time, we can be left wondering a lot. 'I wonder what this is? I wonder if there's something wrong with me? I wonder whether other people feel the same way I do? I wonder why I'm experiencing this?' This list can go on. Sometimes the conclusions we reach through wonder can become quite stressful. The 'observer's mind' is an interesting one. When we begin observing what our body is doing, we can become quite wonderful. The human body is a miraculous and fascinating thing.

    Could be fun to research online 'Can you sense your body's energy?'


  3. jhonm
    jhonm avatar
    2 posts
    16 April 2021
    Great Discussion in here.

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