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Topic: Anxiety about people

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Infamous_Moustache
    Infamous_Moustache avatar
    4 posts
    18 May 2021

    Hello there, I wish all who come by a good day. I've been meaning to ask about something that has been on the front of my mind recently

    This has been with me for quite some time (around 5 years now) but has brought my attention to here as of recently, due to work stuff. I feel like there has been a shift of trust between people I have clarified with and people I have not yet. I cannot help but feel that the words of the person who spoke badly and untruthfully of me behind my back has caused some people to think differently of me in a negative light. I feel like they judge, watch and talk about me. It makes working pretty hard as this is all I can think of. This has been an incident for about 2 months.

    Setting aside specific events, is it normal for people to think this nervously all the time? Do people usually think about what other people think of them constantly? Or is there something else happening underneath what I am currently calling 'overthinking'?

    Thanks for your time :)

  2. quirkywords
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    12416 posts
    27 May 2021 in reply to Infamous_Moustache


    Thanks for your post. It has taken a while for your post to be replied and this can happen as the forums get busy.

    You have written and intersting post.

    I think some people do worry when they hear about people saying something behind their back.

    I know I tend to over think and sometimes worry what others think of me. If you were not expecting to hear what some one said about you it may have surprised you.

    If you cnstantly worrying about others it would make working difficult for you. is there another worker you trust who could maybe able to help you.

    Feel free to post when you like.

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