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Topic: Anxiety and chronic illness

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Budgiebird
    Budgiebird avatar
    15 posts
    10 April 2021

    Hi 👋

    I’m new to beyond blue. Glad to have found it.

    I suffer with severe anxiety caused I believe by my several chronic illnesses and chronic pain. It’s tough. I feel like I miss out on living a ‘normal ‘ life as I’m generally housebound except for doctors appointments.

    Anyone else have experience with chronic illness and anxiety ?

    I see great doctors and a psychologist but don’t have anyone I can really talk to who actually understands.

  2. Summer Rose
    Valued Contributor
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    Summer Rose avatar
    1613 posts
    10 April 2021 in reply to Budgiebird

    Hi Budgiebird

    Welcome to the bb forum and thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad you found us, too!

    It must be terribly difficult to live with chronic illness and pain, never mind severe anxiety. I’m really very sorry for your struggles.

    I have some understanding of your situation, having spent months in chronic pain recovering from serious injury twice in my life. However, I realise it was different as I had recovery goals, which I eventually achieved.

    What I do remember though is being very lonely and constantly feeling isolated during those periods of time. There was no internet or social media back then, so I relied on family and friends for connection. It was tough.

    Hopefully this community will be a place where you can give and receive support and find a sense of belonging.

    Kind thoughts to you

  3. Budgiebird
    Budgiebird avatar
    15 posts
    10 April 2021 in reply to Summer Rose

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Yes it’s very lonely and isolating being very ill even in this modern world. I have family who care but just don’t fully understand the impact chronic illness has on daily life and the mental stress this causes. Glad to have found this community though.

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