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Topic: Anxiety and Health Anxiety

26 posts, 0 answered
  1. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    6 April 2020

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever post here!

    Mental Health never crossed my mind until something happened to me 2 months ago. I’m a 25yearold Mother of one. Early February I suffered from an UNEXPECTED anxiety/panic attack. I didn’t know what was happening and neither did my family so I ended up in the ER. Tests came back all clear but left me questioning “why did this Happen?”, How can this just happen out of no where?” “ what if i am really sick and they can’t seem to find it?”

    I have seen 10 doctors from 5 different Medical Centres, multiple blood tests, urine tests .
    Brain MRI, Spine MRI, Chest XRay, pelvic ultrasound, thyroid/neck ultrasound, stomach ultrasound. All clear. Found a 2cm cyst on ovary which I have had for a while. My biggest fear is cancer. My sisters husband past away last year from cancer and since then I guess it’s always been in the back of my mind. My panic attack was what triggered “health anxiety”.

    2 Weeks ago I requested a blood test and urine just for a reassurance as that week I believed I had throat cancer. Results came back with high cortisol and inflammatory marker. Also pus in the urine. I ended up showing the results to another doctor who told me cortisol testing should be tested early morning . Did a retest and came back all normal. Except for my urine . Cloudy Urine, with pus and GROUP B STREP bacteria.

    The doctor keeps reassuring me it’s just a UTI. But I have not one single symptom of a UTI. I’ve finished my antibiotics and still cloudy urine. No smell just cloudy with white particles floating around. I’m so scared. I think the worst . I’m losing sleep. Has anyone had this before ?

    From February until now I have already self diagnosed myself with

    throat cancer, spine tumor, lung cancer, colon cancer, bowel cancer, thyroid cancer, now I’m thinking it’s ovarian cancer or bladder cancer. I have never been like this before . I’m having lower belly cramps/pressure and lower back pressure. Not sure if it’s just me overthinking. I even have dreams about it. I already see my psych. I no longer have attacks but constant worry, obsessive thoughts, fear.

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  2. Patrickj
    Patrickj avatar
    5 posts
    6 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Hey Miss Anxiety,

    Welcome to the group you never wanted to belong to. I, myself, deal with health anxiety. And, like you, I have focused on different areas of my body throughout my life. I've had more fingers in places than I care to admit. I've had it all, too, including ultrasounds, MRI's, countless blood-tests - all normal.

    Since December, I've had terrible anxiety about my heart. So bad, in fact, that I caused - through stress - my heart to begin skipping beats. This, of course, made me stress more. So, I had bloods, EGC, a 24-hour monitor, and an ultrasound... which all came back clear. The only problem - I've got massive chest pains. I wake in the night with them. I stress about them. I am worried sick about them.

    Oh, and I went on a 12km run today.

    We battle the illogical side of us with the logical side. There are moments of complete clarity. Then those are overshadowed by fear.

    For me, the ultimate fear is... probably like you... death. I don't want to die. And I don't want to suffer.

    I currently use the app called Headspace. It's an investment (about $100 for the year), but it has some great programs about anxiety and meditation. It also has a VAST library devoted to helping you sleep. Nature sounds, gentle music, people reading you a boring story. It helps in those truly terrifying moments.

    I also play the longevity game with myself. If the problem truly is something horrendous, then I'd be getting very, very sick. I usually wait a week, or a couple, and monitor my symptoms. If there is no change, then it's nothing. Or if it comes and goes, then it's nothing.

    Anxiety is a very powerful thing. It can disrupt the very electricity in your body. It can make your heart skip beats. What I'm saying is this - anxiety is like an energy drink, heightening all your thoughts and feelings by 100.

    Keep talking to people, keep sharing your stories. Invite your friends into your own thoughts and feelings. Help them understand you. My friend makes a consistent effort to make me run 12km. I hate him. But I love him too.

    I hope this helps.

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  3. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    6 April 2020 in reply to Patrickj

    Hi there Patrickj,

    Thankyou for your kind reply! Sometimes i have days where I will shrug it off as my brain creating symptoms. And I tell myself there’s nothing wrong with me as all my tests come back clear! Scans clear! ECG clear ! Then I question myself. How can anxiety actually do this? Am I really feeling these pains or is it my brain making my body feel them? Like I said the doctor thinks I have a UTI but I have not ONE SINGLE SYMPTOM and it’s scarring me. Atleast if I had the typical symptom of one I’d be more relaxed (I think). I hope I’m not the only one with this GROUP B STREP bacteria in my urine. Oh yes and I’m a googler . Google everything I feel. And it tells me cancer so Ofcourse I agree with it. Going for a doctors visit tomorrow even though I called them just today !

  4. Patrickj
    Patrickj avatar
    5 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Hey Miss Anxiety,

    Yup. You're identifying the classic thinking of people with health anxiety.

    'But my symptoms are different.'

    Towing this line almost makes us feel safe in justifying how we are feeling. Remember, your brain can make you think/do crazy things. Mine made my heart skip beats. Literally. It stuffed with my heart. So, by that reasoning, it could very well be doing things to the rest of your body. Flooding you with adrenaline, making your organs work harder.

    Fight the good fight. I'm here with you.

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  5. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    8 April 2020 in reply to Patrickj

    Thankyou Patrickj.

    thankyou for taking some time out of your day to reply to my post. It does make me feel better that I’m not the only one dealing with this. I thought I was going insane

  6. Lakeside19
    Lakeside19 avatar
    16 posts
    9 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Hi Miss Anxiety

    I have a few different anxiety disorders, one of which is health anxiety. Like you I have a habit of jumping to the big C when things aren’t how they should be.
    Around 2 years ago I got quite sick & had to have a multitude of tests. I have some liver issues (was convinced it was liver cancer), lump in my throat, had some abnormalities in my legs on bone scan & mri (must have been bone cancer for sure), had random swelling in my chest (not sure what cancer I thought that was but it was something). Inflammation markers were elevated as were white blood cells.

    To this day I still don’t have any definite answers as to what on earth it all was but I do know that everything returned to normal besides my liver & throat which I’m working to fix.

    i guess my point is that our bodies can be weird sometimes and don’t always work the way google says they should. Don’t worry I’m a terrible googler too as hard as I try not to look.

    I can’t help a lot with advice as I haven’t found anything that really helps a lot. You could try writing down all the evidence that it’s not cancer (results, all the drs etc.) & read over these facts when you’re feeling on edge. Try to focus on the point that these things are facts, supported by evidence whereas the fear that it’s something more is a what if controlled by an anxiety that feeds off you questioning everything. I find it easier having it in writing as something to focus on rather than just trying to convince myself in my head

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  7. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    10 April 2020 in reply to Lakeside19

    Hi Lakeside19,

    Thankyou so much for your tip. I will definitely be giving this a go. Aside from that I was asked to write my feelings in a journal along with how each day went for me. I found it very helpful but suddenly stopped writing. For some reason I forgot one day. One day turned into two, two to three , three to four. By the time I knew it I haven’t been writing for a good few weeks or so.

    I still question how can my mind create or manifest all these feelings that I feel in my body? It’s just so crazy. I find myself always questioning . Always wondering and pondering . Growing up I was always a shy reserved person who wanted my own space. Never social ! And then boom into a marriage that failed horribly.

    it’s like I tell myself ok when did this anxiety start? Did I always have it? Did it only just happen now? How come I’ve never had a panic attack before and how come it came so suddenly. Out of the blue !!! That’s the part that has made me now have health anxiety .

    Trying to fight my thoughts. There’s just too many

  8. Goingmad
    Goingmad avatar
    8 posts
    11 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety
    Hello miss anxiety i have same problem thinking i have some sort of cancer when i get any sort of pain and i have been dealing with it for 20 years. It started 20 odd years ago when i had to tumors benign thank god since then have struggled with anxiety and depression. I get blood test every year and all come back ok but since i have phobia of doctors the one i cannot doe is bowel screening. I just try to manage through bad times and I'm 66
  9. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    11 April 2020 in reply to Goingmad

    Hello Goingmad,

    Thankyou for replying to my post. I can’t seem to stop. I’ve been ok for the past couple of days but today has been my worst. When I was 21 they found what they thought was a Dermoid Cyst on my left ovary which grew to 11cm big. Didn’t know I had it. I got it surgically removed (failed keyhole surgery so they cut me like a C-Section) . Last year a 1-2cm sized cyst was found on my right ovary. Also didn’t know I had it. Ultrasound imaging report says it’s “probably” a dermoid cyst.

    I’m 25now . last week I started to fell fullness in my stomach and lower back pain. As I’m writing this I literally can’t keep still. I keep fidgeting I feel nervous. I’ve been googling ovarian cancer and I’ve got all the symptoms. I feel strange sensations in my body. Sometimes I feel dizzy but I don’t know if it’s my body just freaking out and making it happening .

    im scared . I can’t smile anymore. Nothing makes me smile anymore. I feel like this is it for me.

    yes blood test is all ok I keep telling myself that. But it doesn’t seem to work for me . The second I feel anything I feel like it lingers like it’s haunting me.

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  10. Lakeside19
    Lakeside19 avatar
    16 posts
    13 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    I know that feeling very well. I often stop doing something and then once you stop for a short time it just seems to go on and I find it hard to get started again.

    It is hard to believe that anxiety can affect your body in such a huge way. Have you been able to identify any possible triggers for your anxiety? I’m not sure if I’ve ever had panic attacks as such. I get a very uneasy sick feeling deep in my stomach and feel a bit like everything is closing in on me & I can’t cope. It’s not the typical heart racing, sweaty hands type thing so not sure if it’s classed as an attack. But like you I have always been a reserved person and not social.

    In regards to the cysts and pain have you ever been tested for pcos? I was diagnosed about 6 years ago after being told different things by doctors pretty much since hitting puberty. It hasn’t completely stopped the pain but being on medications has helped greatly. If you think you might have symptoms it’s worth checking it out. Anxiety and depression are also 2 big risk factors of pcos due to hormone imbalances.

  11. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    13 April 2020 in reply to Lakeside19

    Hearing about someone dying from an illness is what triggers me. But when I had my first panic attack I didn’t know what triggered it ? I Had a rough past and I think I just kept sweeping things under the rug telling myself I’m ok. And then one day out of no where I felt like I was literally dying.

    since I felt I was dying I’ve had the fear of it, and I’ve been searching to find out what’s wrong with me.

    My urine tested for GROUP B STREP bacteria. Doctor says it’s a UTI. Never had any Symptoms so I find it hard to believe. I even have this App on my phone that I can FaceTime a doctor anywhere in Australia. Over 10 doctors say I’m fine.

    today I went to see my doctor to retest my urine. I’ve noticed my urine is slightly bubbly, and sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl. I keep up with fluids and I’m eating fine. Not losing any weight.

    still get strange stomach pains/aches or pinches. I don’t even know how to explain it. It just feels like a baby is in there putting pressure in my tummy. Then it goes and comes back.

    lower back feels a little better but comes and goes also.

    I don’t think I have been tested for PCOS. Unless I have but don’t remember. When I removed my cyst back in 2016 I never got a medical report to actually Confirm wether it was a cyst or not. So Ofcourse I called the hospital today to get some info. They couldn’t give me anything over the phone so I had the doctor fax a request to them.

    im so nervous waiting for both urine test and Old Medical Report

    I feel so sad all the time .

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  12. Lakeside19
    Lakeside19 avatar
    16 posts
    13 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Your past traumas can definitely cause anxiety & it may not always be recognisable that that is the cause so it’s very possible that it could have brought on your anxiety. Is this whole coronavirus and them constantly reporting death tolls etc. triggering you very badly or are you able to distance yourself from that a little? Do you have support around you at the moment?

    I didn’t know much about group B strep but have been having a little read about it and from what I can gather it’s very common for adults to have the bacteria in their digestive tract or genital areas And can come and go or be there all the time without any infections or symptoms. So if all other tests have come back good then it’s most likely nothing at all to worry about. I’m well aware that’s much easier said than done though. Only suggestion I’d have is to let your drs know about it if you were to fall pregnant.

    could the bubbly urine be just due to forceful urinating because of your bladder being quite full etc?

    waiting for test results truly is the worst. I had so many tests last year while I was sick & the waiting pretty much crippled me. I wish I had some trick to make it easier but I just had to do the best I could day by day. Try to take comfort that if they had detected anything sinister when they removed the cyst they would have been obliged to inform you or your doctor. The fact that you didn’t hear anything more than likely indicates it was what they thought was. Also if it was something more than surely you would have had many more symptoms of it by now

  13. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    16 April 2020 in reply to Lakeside19

    No surprisingly Corona Virus or anything related to that has not heightened my anxiety.

    im slowly understanding that before my panic attacks I was always a person that always thought the worst case scenario. Growing up in a strict family not meeting much people allowed me to become distant. Just the thought of engaging in conversation (when I was younger) would make me have the runs or butterfly feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t even speak to the McDonald’s Cashier to order my own food. Eventually I snapped out of that but still had a very weak personality. Dealt with workplace bullying at 18.

    would cry over the smallest thing said to me, not knowing how to fend for myself. Then meeting a guy who I fell madly in love with turn so sour so quickly and out of the blue really ?

    I did get urine test results back ! All clear . No blood, protein, no infection or crystals (don’t even know what that is) . Bubbles still remained only until last night they vanished after I drank a bottle of Powerade ? Like seriously! I’ve been sculling down water for ages now. And stopped when I drank Powerade !!

    I also managed to find my medical report from the cyst that was removed. CONFIRMED IT WAS ONLY A DERMOID CYST.

    I feel very anxious today, easily startled, a million thoughts in my head !!! I woke up last night in a sweat with a racing heart from a horrible nightmare.

    is it normal that I have good days and then it hits me all over again. Like I’m sitting heard waiting for my anxiety attack to happen from how much it’s built up from last night until now .

  14. Doz86
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Doz86 avatar
    200 posts
    16 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Hi Miss Anxiety,

    Sorry to hear that you haven't had a great day.

    Don't worry I hear you, I also get worst case scenario syndrome.

    When it happens I just breathe and try to do something to distrat myself.

    Really hope the end out your week gets better.



  15. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    16 April 2020 in reply to Doz86

    Thankyou for your kind words Doz86,

    is it normal that I feel like I have a few types of anxiety?

    after my panic attack I believed I was dying or it was a sign that I am going to. So it turned into always checking myself to see if I have an underlying disease somewhere.

    Then when I didn’t really have anything else to check I got over it. And just literally fear I’m going to die somewhere and no one is going to find me, or just being away from my daughter etc .

    I begin to plan out what’s going to happen in my future even though I had no clue ! My anxiety bounces from health anxiety to death anxiety.

    Is this normal

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  16. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    17 April 2020

    Guys I wake up almost every single day feeling so anxious and making scenarios in my head and believing that they are going to happen.

    does anyone else wake up and feel so sure that their going to die . I do this every single day.

    when I drive I drive at a speed of 50-60 and gripping the steering wheels so hard to not lose control.

    Is it just me ??

    i really need someone to talk to

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  17. Lakeside19
    Lakeside19 avatar
    16 posts
    18 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    So glad that your results came back normal. That’s great news! Take a moment to let yourself feel some relief over that. I know for me it usually only lasts a second before the brain goes into overdrive again. But take a few minutes out, do some deep breathing and tell your brain these results over a few times. Try to sit in that relief and those FACTS. This is what’s real.

    I’ve come to learn that there’s no such thing as normal. Even those who don’t suffer anxiety or depression will have their own struggles. Trying to be “normal” will drive you crazy. We all have our own issues and it effects us all differently.

    For me I have generalised anxiety, social anxiety & health anxiety. It definitely changes day to day as to how severe it is. Some days I will be motivated, others I just want to curl up in bed. Some days I have major anxiety over making a simple phone call, others I can make multiple calls without any problem. & often there will be no trigger. Some days I can be in a perfectly good mood having fun doing something and will suddenly be hit with a wave of that dread feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. I think that’s where it gets to me the most when I least expect it. I liken it sometimes to an inner monster that wants as much control over our brain as possible. What I’m currently working on is being able to tell myself that it’s not something real that I’m fearing but rather the anxiety that wants to have power over me. I can’t say I’m succeeding at the moment but I’m hoping the more I tell myself the easier it will get.

    In terms of waking up feeling like you’re going to die & the driving thing, that sounds really tough. I have had flashes where I’ve thought about how at any point while driving something bad could happen but it’s more just a few seconds and not very often. It must be hard to be on edge driving anywhere. Do you think this is something maybe therapy could help you with? It must be affecting your daily life greatly.

    You mentioned you have a daughter. One thing I have noticed is after having my son my health anxiety really ramped up. It’s like before it was a fear but not something that necessarily took over. Now because there’s that whole added factor of what would happen to my son if I got sick and the fear of not being there to watch him grow up it’s next level. My psychologist told me this is very common with mothers.

    I don’t know if any of this is helping you at all but I’m definitely here to listen if you need to get it out.

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  18. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    25 April 2020 in reply to Lakeside19


    for some reason 2 days after I did my urine test that came back clear. I went to another medical centre to do another one . It came back with Microscopic Red Blood cells (20)

    white blood cells (10) and trace of protein. I’m not sure how that’s even possible if I did a urine test just two days prior and it was all clear ????

    i live 15mins away from the medical centre. The urine was in a warm car, and sat in direct sunlight for a few minutes. Not sure if that makes a difference.

    although I repeated the test and it came back fine

    still red blood cells but (2) and white blood cells (2) ?

    I requested to see my tests that I’ve done years back dated 2015 and 2017 and they both had higher count on f red and white blood cells.

    im not sure why my doctor didn’t tell me this.

    im only 25 years old, never smoked, never drank, not on any medication. I’m really upset and concerned and think of the worst.

    does anyone on here have their urine tests they can read out ? Maybe it would give me a peace of mind .....or not

  19. Gumtree77
    Gumtree77 avatar
    17 posts
    27 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Hi Miss Anxiety (that was going to be my username but you'd already taken it!! :))

    I can 100% sympathise with you. I have suffered from health anxiety for as long as I can remember. I just recently posted about my dramas. As per my recent post I had the best thing happen today...my Doctor was actually frustrated with me and because I like and respect him so much it was a light bulb moment. I have diagnosed myself with cancer of every description over the last year; but mostly throat or tongue. It is all due to hormone imbalances, anxiety itself and the side effects of various medications. But most of it is simply from my own brain. It is truly incredible how our minds can create pain and symptoms. He said to me "your tongue looks exactly like it did when I last checked you and you have since seen an oral surgeon and three other doctors who have all cleared you for cancer....can you not see that this flares up in you when you are stressed about other things?". I felt awful; I felt like a little girl who had been chastised. But.....I came home and wrote it all down and guess what...the burning and pain has already abated 50%!

    I have been seeing doctors pretty much weekly since May last year. Had MRI, xrays, ultrasounds, full bloods etc etc. All clear. Yet when I get particularly anxious (as I have been since the covid issue) my symptoms come charging back like a freight train and then begins my spiralling thoughts..."Everything was clear x amount of days/weeks/months ago...but.....misdiagnoses do happen...and I am sure every medical professional knows I am a hypochondriac and that I am wasting their time..so perhaps they are just palming me off and there is something serious wrong and I will die with the headstone "I told you I was sick'! (Spike Milligan :))

    I am positive that you are perfectly ok and healthy. I am also positive you are suffering from one of the worst things ever being Health Anxiety. Over the years with every disease/cancer I have self diagnosed my sub conscious mind was saying "it might even be better to be diagnosed so they can fix it'. Not sure if that makes sense but again..the spiralling out of control thoughts; the obsessive compulsive checking everything; the googling (which incidentally I am forbidden to do on Doctors orders)....all make for a bloody miserable existence. I so hope you get some comfort and relief from hearing from us others who suffer the same


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  20. imjustme
    imjustme avatar
    1 posts
    30 April 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety
    Hi Miss Anxiety,

    You sound exactly like me, I have bad health anxiety and as kn writing this I have the constant urge to wee, funny feeling in by body and lower back pain... i also had a urine test for a UTI last Friday and it came back negative, i still have the same feelings I am not sure what it is it what I should do about it!
    For me it all stems from my Dad passing away suddenly in 2011 with an ischaemic bowel and then my mum passing away August last year from Endometrial Cancer which had spread very badly and quickly in her body.
    I thought I was ok but im clearly not as its affecting my everyday life at the moment.
    So I honestly know how you're feeling. X
  21. Apprehensive
    Apprehensive avatar
    1 posts
    1 May 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Hi Miss Anxiety,

    I really feel for you having had GAD and Health Anxiety for many years. I came across this website which has been an absolutely fantastic and has/is helping me through becoming well again. It has up to date and very sound research and all their therapists have both experienced anxiety and highly qualified. Hope it helps. Warmest wishes.


  22. Doz86
    Community Champion
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    Doz86 avatar
    200 posts
    1 May 2020 in reply to Apprehensive

    Hi imjustme & Apprehensive,

    Welcome to the forum and what heartfelt first posts.

    I've had breakthrough anxiety since I was 12. I wouldn't of been able to manage it if it weren't for a great GP, psychologist and supportive friends an family.

    Make sure you have as many support people around you, it's a game changer.

    On a more personal note; I also urinate from anxiety also imjustme/ I know it annoying but I think it just helps define the amazing people we must be.

    Would love to hear more of your anxiety story, as this is a great forum thread.



  23. Ace1988
    Ace1988 avatar
    16 posts
    7 May 2020

    Hi miss anxiety!

    I’m so glad I found your thread, but im also sorry I found it because it’s a horrible thing to have to go through.

    I’m glad I’m not alone in this stupid health anxiety thing.

    Reading through the thread has made me realise I’m definitely not alone in what my brain is doing.
    Im currently sitting here with pains in my chest (I’ve been to emergency several times for it and bloods, ecg all come back normal) so doctor believes it’s anxiety related, but of course, how can he know without doing ALL the cardiac tests known to man? *frustrating*

    I don’t want to go back on long term meds as I had come off them prior to covid, and was doing so well.
    But now, that I’m not working and I’m homeschooling my child, I’ve never felt so stressed and anxious and I’m feeling every little ache and pain and sensation in my body.

    just know you’re not alone.

    we are all in this together girl. You got this shit.

  24. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    16 May 2020 in reply to Gumtree77

    Hello Gumtree77,

    so sorry I took your username lol. I literally typed up the first thing that came to mind when I signed up to BB.
    Thankyou for your reply! I too have recently diagnosed myself with some sort of oral cancer. I’m not sure why I feel so on edge when I wake up , go to sleep, or just anytime throughout my day. I just sense something bad is going to happen, that I won’t see my daughter grow up, that I won’t get to experience anything with her. Is it normal for my brain to do this? I piece up puzzles in my life and so sure that everything happens for a reason! So then I begin to question everything. Like for example.. how come this anxiety hit me out of nowhere? Why now? Why not when I was actually going through stressful times? What does all this mean? What is the purpose of certain events taking place? Is it just preparing me for the worst.

    feeling anxious

  25. Miss Anxiety
    Miss Anxiety  avatar
    12 posts
    16 May 2020 in reply to imjustme

    Hello imjustme & Apprehensive,

    I’m so sorry about your parents. Losing one is hard so I can’t imagine what losing both feels like. I hope things have been easy on you. I do understand why you have health anxiety just by mentioning your parents .

    I hope you both are coping well. Health anxiety is so hard. I always heard the word anxiety growing up, didn’t actually know what it meant. I hope people can stop throwing that word around so lightly.

    I now understand how much it affects a persons life. It is crippling.

    But with eachothers support, we can get through this !!!

  26. 0antman
    0antman avatar
    5 posts
    15 June 2020 in reply to Miss Anxiety

    Hi. Ive been through what you are going through. It truly does suck. Ive done all the tests, and every minor symptom makes me fear the worst.

    One thing ive stopped doing is going on google and checking symptoms. If I google that I have a headache, it will tell me I might have a brain tumor. Google is the worst thing when you have health anxiety. I stay away

    I also relate to hearing others dying of cancer and other diseases. But what I have learnt is to try to stay away from potential triggers. I have stopped watching the news. I mean, when does the news provide us with positive stories? Its either about a tragic death, home invasion or some other negative story. All these can trigger my anxiety, so I have stopped watching the news and it definitely helps. I try to listen to my favorite music and have a water diffuser with lavender in my room which also can help :)

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