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Topic: Anxiety and international move during covid 19

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. Anon808
    Anon808 avatar
    3 posts
    4 April 2020
    Hi there! Am new Male 42,

    Having a really tough time, I lived in Canada for 16 years, got divorced and lost house. Came back recently to Australia to find a rental (grew up here) to get before wrapping everything up.

    Anyway, been diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks since. All my stuff is in a storage locker in Canada which I cannot get to during this covid 19 pandemic. Had planned this month to fly back and fix loose ends and to ship, had to cancel everything.

    I have one suitcase and a bed and couch. All my mindfulness and hobbies are in locker. Cannot ship locker as it contains items considered illegal here. I need to personally cull a bunch of stuff before shipping.

    My partner lost her job and is applying for Centrelink but needs all my financials which are in locker, I have no access as they are on lockdown.

    My postal forwarding is expired and I am required to go into Canada Post with my ID, tried calling but I just get a ticket and cannot stay up all night waiting for a call as of course the time difference.

    Same with ATO, huge wait times. No one understands how bad it is for me right now with no end in sight. I feel pressure from my partner to get information relating to her Centrelink. I am in a bad mood and it's unfair on her, I feel guilty.

    All I can do is lay in bed and sometimes do a workout. I have no Medicare here which makes any therapy a drain on my limited resources. I do still have my social security there but it is useless being stuck here.

    Had two very important hobbies, one I am world renowned for and the other is therapeutic. Losing interest in everything and drinking too much to cover the pain.

    I had booked a course which was also cancelled, have not left the house for 4 days. Stuck, useless, frustrated, and feeling depressed.

    Guess I keep trying is all I can do, anyone else in this situation?
  2. randomx
    randomx avatar
    1604 posts
    4 April 2020 in reply to Anon808

    Hey Anon . Nah sorry can't say as l've been in that one sorry, plenty of others though, that is a tricky one that's for sure . It's unfair of your gf making you feel pressured though l mean none of this is anyone's fault the world is what is is right now and a first for all of us that all happened very very fast. What did you think of Canada btw , how did you feel about coming back to oz ?

    Anyway , there's usually more than one way with paperwork you've just gotta come up with the alternative l've found . ln you case l'm thinking maybe employers banks landlords anyone at all that you've had some kind of business with over there might be able to fax you bit's and pieces from their accounts and you could build up enough info on paper from those , or something. Stat decks also maybe , not sure.

    Anyway sorry probably not much help but l can certainly feel for your situation. Hope you can sort something out .


  3. Anon808
    Anon808 avatar
    3 posts
    4 April 2020 in reply to randomx
    Cheers for replying, I think it just felt good to explain what is going on for me and that someone read it and gave me a reply, bless!

    I am just one of those people who never accepts loans or help and instead I feel gratification in giving which is probably a fault. But I pride myself on being self sufficient.

    Each country has its pluses and minuses. I feel anxious about hidden speed traps and the danger of overtaking a truck doing 1kmph lower than me.

    The fly fishing is therapy, standing in a stream listening to nature, or on a tropical flat down Florida way.

    Here I am not in a city, and it is too paradise, no sirens or -40 wind chills with a wonderful and helpful community. Bless Aussies for helping each other.

    Might be hard to understand but after coming back I truly believe this government is misinformed.

    I keep trying on phone, getting friends over there to help find my acct numbers etc
  4. randomx
    randomx avatar
    1604 posts
    4 April 2020 in reply to Anon808

    Yeah that's the fo maybe keep trying with the friends or any contacts , business anyone you can think of p actually can't you call your banks or something ?

    Oh man of course this gov would be miss informed , ha , anything possible with governments right . What you think they might be misinformed about anyway ? But funny , well it's not funny but l must say to my surprise l think they're at least doing a very fair job with all this virus stuff right now , so at least that's something.

    Haven't done fly fishing for yrs , that description made me miss it.

  5. Anon808
    Anon808 avatar
    3 posts
    6 April 2020 in reply to randomx
    Managed a few things via phone late at night with long wait times, managed to extend my postal forwarding thank god!

    Partner said the Centrelink thing is becoming too difficult so I am just going to give her a loan and we can focus more on what needs to be done.

    Going to buy a basketball set up to ust keep me busy in the time being. And keep jumping through hoops on the phone the other times. Will hang on.

    Will try another platform or just spend the cash on CBT

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