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Topic: Anxiety and Swallowing Difficulities

  1. PotatoRaccoons
    PotatoRaccoons avatar
    0 posts
    8 October 2019 in reply to TheWayfarer

    Hi TheWayfarer,

    I work as a Speech Pathologist. As speech pathologists we see people for not only their communication difficulties, but swallowing difficulties too. I came across your post as I was researching some information about anxiety and swallowing difficulties for another patient. I've worked with a lot of adult patients and I have actually worked and treated patients that exhibit your symptoms. You could benefit from seeing a speech pathologist.


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  2. Jessee
    Jessee avatar
    0 posts
    10 December 2019 in reply to PotatoRaccoons
    Hi There,

    I am completely new here and signed up as I came accross this post.
    I have been having issues the past 5 months, I am not eating solids at all not anything at all, and was wondering how you are now ? I am desperately looking for answers.

    I hope to get a reply as I am so lost at the moment and noone understands how hard this is to deal with.

  3. Jessee
    Jessee avatar
    0 posts
    1 January 2020 in reply to PotatoRaccoons
    Hi PotatoRaccoons,

    I would love some more information I am really struggling here my health has deteriorated significantly.
  4. Scruffy1
    Scruffy1 avatar
    0 posts
    4 January 2020 in reply to Jessee
    Hi Jesse what sort of issues are you having?
  5. Jessee
    Jessee avatar
    0 posts
    15 January 2020 in reply to Scruffy1
    Thank you so very much for the reply I am unable to physically swallow.

    It is really hard to explain the feeling I get but the best way to explain is as if my swallow jars somewhat and it stops me from completing the swallow.

    I have days like now that I can barely even swallow my saliva.

  6. WPoppy
    WPoppy avatar
    0 posts
    21 February 2020 in reply to Jessee

    Hi Jessee,

    I can definitely relate to your phobia, I myself have had the same thing over over 12 months!

    it’s actually the scariest thing ever because it affects our daily life in so many ways.

    it hasn’t been consistently bad for me for the entire 12 months straight but it’s definitely always in the back of my mind. I have had to completely change the way I eat.

    i ended up going on antidepressants for 2 months which definitely helped but I recently found out I’m pregnant so had to go off them which sucks.

    I’ve also found that cutting our drinking has helped me as a lot as this is where a lot of my anxiety stemmed from.

    I went and spoke to two psychologists but just found that it didn’t really help as they couldn’t seem to understand the issue and I felt quite embarrassed to be honest.

    i was going quite well, until I found out I was pregnant and the morning sickness has really flared my phobia up again.

    it sucks so much as I used to eat basically everything and miss it all so much. I think going and talking to your GP would be the best way forward.

    good luck with everything.

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