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Topic: Anxiety feeling of paranoia

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Nifty1702
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    23 June 2020
    Ive always been somewhat introverted but things are getting worse. Ive owned my own businesses for about 15 years. I hate to go into liquidation about 12 months ago. Since then Ive have been fighting feelings of failure. This has been steadily become feeling like everyone is watching me waiting for me to screw up. Its has got to the point where I have not attended interviews for work. I am forcing myself to get out of the house and into the public but it is getting harder. I am lucky that I have a very supportive wife but I am feeling very guilty of not helping support the family. And now this fear preventing me going to interviews obviously means I dont get a job. I feel all this has me in a downward spiral. How do I get out of this.
  2. Soberlicious96
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    23 June 2020 in reply to Nifty1702

    Dear Nifty,

    Welcome to Beyond Blue, and well done for reaching out.

    I must say that even just from reading your post, and knowing that you are going from someone who was their own boss, and had their own business, to looking at working for someone else. That is a fairly big transition for anyone to make ..... even more so in these trying times.

    Perhaps you could consider talking to someone, like a counselor or psychologist, in order to help you process what has happened so far, and to help you develop some better coping skills for the days, weeks and months ahead. Do you think that might help?

    Perhaps too you could check out the sites like Seek and My Career, for hints and tips on how to manage the stress of seeking work, and how to handle interviews. I guess that having your own business that you would have been the interviewer for a long time, and not the interviewee, yeah? I know that a change of perspective can be difficult to navigate sometimes, especially when life tends to 'force' it on you.

    Anyway, I don't really have too many other words of wisdom to offer. I do hope that helps at least a little?

    Take care. I'll be thinking of you. xo

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