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Topic: Anxiety makes me dangerous

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  1. DevXsun
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    12 January 2020

    I dont like being this way but I guess my past and the way I grew up has taken a massive toll on me. Mainly through out my years of before being a teenager and my young teenager years (10-17). I used to be affiliated with a bad group for the main reason that I would get railed up so fast and been able to take people on 3x my size with ease due to the overwhelming amount of adrenaline. I really dont like the person I've perceived to be and I feel like I'm getting to the age were I cant stand being like this anymore. I've cut ties to all the bad influences but I always catch myself here and there getting fired up talking about my past to people and even just thinking about it makes me feel repulsed and anxious. I'm just wondering what a few coping mechanisms would be as I cant afford professional help and I wont be able to get a free counseling session for 3-6 months due to waiting times.

    I hope I dont scare anyone off

  2. White Rose
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    12 January 2020 in reply to DevXsun

    Dear DevXsun

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm not at all scared off and would like to continue chatting to you.

    You new self-awareness is commendable. So often people deny the less attractive side of their characters or find some attributes are attractive despite the harm it causes. It's great you want to change.

    I suspect there is a difference between you asking for coping mechanisms and my presumption you want to change. Keeping a lid on our undesirable parts is hard work and so often leads to an explosion which can be scary. Better to find the cause and deal with that.

    You said, cant afford professional help and I wont be able to get a free counselling session for 3-6 months due to waiting times. You can ask your GP for a mental health plan and see a psychologist. Your GP may know of someone who bulk bills Medicare or has minimal gap payments. The drawback is being allowed only ten sessions per year. Is that what you mean by not being able to access free counselling? If so I suggest you make an appointment to be seen ASAP and meanwhile try some other resources while you wait.

    There are many organisations who offer free or very low cost counselling. Try Relationships Australia, Salvation Army, Anglicare. Also look at Headspace https://headspace.org.au/ who offer counselling and information. There is also Mindspot https://mindspot.org.au/ All these resources are available though not necessarily near you. Headspace and Mindspot are online which you can search to see what help they can provide. Very handy.

    Please return and tell us how you are getting on.


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