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Topic: Anxiety, palpitations and burping

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Missmary05
    Missmary05 avatar
    1 posts
    11 May 2021
    Hi all, not sure if the post I was writing disappeared, so I'll rewrite. I've had anxiety all my life, but the symptoms of the latest flareup are extremely loud burping which can go on for quite a while after most meals, and often leads to bouts of ectopy (3 or 4 normal beats, then a skipped beat or double beat). I have a hiatus hernia so am thinking my present anxiety could be exacerbating the gerd. I have this most days at the moment, and have had it before with previous bouts of anxiety. When I am relaxed, I don't get the burping or the palpitations. I've had tests which show my heart is fine but it's still scary, and the more I tense up, the more everything happens. I also sometimes get it when I wake in the night, but not as badly, and I find mornings are the worst times for me. I've started seeing a psychologist, and am taking essential oils and natural minerals (not sure how well they're working though). Don't want to make a habit of my medication either, but would like to know if anyone else has these anxiety symptoms, and if so, what do they find works for them.
  2. BeADodo
    BeADodo avatar
    11 posts
    12 May 2021 in reply to Missmary05

    Hi Missmary05,

    I thought I was writing this for a moment, though I don't really get palpitations.

    I have a Haitus Hernia and eosinophilic esophagitis, so I often end up with a lot more burping or belching than most other people I know. Stressful situations do tend to make me tense up too, even if I'm not aware of it, as it usually results in either a few bubbles or a low drawn out belch. To avoid being embarrassed by it, I guess I started finding a way to make it come out more silently, by positioning myself a certain way to let it come out quieter? Kinda like a silent fart :P.

    I had GERD and was taking the typically prescribed meds in the past, but after doing a low FODMAP diet, and identifying broadly what foods and how much cause me more gas or reflux (for instance more than one slice of watermelon gives me gas, and a single slice of rye bread gives me reflux), I have not needed them. I also found out that much of my reflux was not food related, but anxiety related (e.g the drive to work, or having to present something).

    When I have any anxiety-inducing events coming up, I avoid eating too much before, to avoid creating more issues. If you haven't tried an elimination diet designed to identify what causes gas the most, I'd definitely recommend it - I went to a nutritionalist to do it. I found that knowing what foods or drinks gave me reflux, reduced my anxiety in certain situations because I knew I could control the gas, by avoiding certain foods in the lead up to something that I was worried about (because the feeling of trying to talk over a bubbling bit of reflux is anxiety-inducing enough!)

    When anxiety builds up during the week for me and I know my whole body is tense, I like to go get a massage, or go for a good long walk in a rainforest or mountain area, I find it super soothing. The smiling mind app is also pretty great for relaxation. The best trick I've found for my anxiety, is a good several hour distraction.

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