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Topic: Anxious sleeping since moving into a new apartment

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  1. ayyjude
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    15 May 2021

    Hey everyone, I'm 25 and just moved out of my childhood home recently.

    For some extra context, my dad passed away when I was very young and mum as well about a year ago. Even after her passing I was feeling fine living in our old home alone despite its problems and was eager to move to a new & safer apartment and begin the next chapter of my life. But now that I've finally moved, some unexpected stuff has come up, causing extra stress (I already tend to worry & overthink) and while I've pushed those thoughts away, I've recently started to find it difficult to fall asleep (FYI I've never had trouble sleeping in the past).
    I'm feeling like I'm nervous about sleeping which is just making it worse. I've been to a GP who prescribed melatonin & referred me to a therapist (whom I'll be seeing in a few days). I'm a light sleeper so I started wearing earplugs as well but found that my heart is still pounding and I just focus on my pounding heartbeat the whole time.

    I'm open to any tips and help and I understand improvement might be a lengthy process but I'm eager to try anything to improve my situation. Thanks in advance!

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  2. smallwolf
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    16 May 2021 in reply to ayyjude

    Hi and welcome to beyond blue forums.

    firstly, well done for being proactive and what you have done. I am sure you will work through whatever is going on in your life at the moment with the therapist.

    As far as sleep is concerned... A couple of things that were suggested to me by my support - psychiatrist and psychologist.

    1. I don't drink coffee after 4pm

    2. If you lookup "sleep hygiene" on Google there is a number of pages with tips and tricks. Another idea from my psychologist.

    3. An app I have on my phone is "relax melodies" which has a number of sounds you can layer or you can use the meditations. These help to relax me from whatever happened during the day.

    Hope some of these might be helpful to you.

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  3. asdff
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    914 posts
    16 May 2021 in reply to ayyjude
    Have you tried moving your bedroom around? I found after moving out of home, then my live in boyfriend at the time went away for work. I got a teddy bear. I hadn’t had one in years. It was great. It gave me comfort while getting to sleep.
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  4. CourtneyJ
    blueVoices member
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    25 posts
    16 May 2021 in reply to ayyjude

    Oh ayyjude I can sooo relate to you.

    Every time I move into a new place (even my first night in a hotel room on holiday) I don't sleep. I'm terrified of every noise and the silence is so deafening that I think it's going to suffocate me.

    Here's my advice. Some may not be relevant to you, I hope some of it is.

    1. Cut yourself some slack. The more you freak out about the fact you're not sleeping... The more you won't sleep.

    2. Tell someone you trust how you're feeling. You'd be surprised how many other people (even those who have never had issues with anxiety before) felt the same thing.

    We are biologically hard wired to be on alert in strange places. It's millions of years of evolution trying to protect us from danger.

    3. Alcohol is not your friend. Sure it'll mellow out the anxious symptoms pretty well but your sleep quality will suck.

    4. T2 have some fantastic teas that always seem to knock me out in the space of 40 mins. The Dreamer and Sleep Tight are the 2 I can think of.

    5. Aromatherapy lavender spray on your pillow.

    6. They say familiar smells will calm you. In a hotel I always sleep with a t-shirt I've recently worn on top of my pillow.

    Good luck to you


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  5. Sleepy21
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    4159 posts
    16 May 2021 in reply to CourtneyJ

    hi courtney,

    i'm in my 30s but can relate very much

    congratulations on movig out

    i wander if the sleeping problems are also a way of processing what is happening, and want to reassure u it doesn't mean u made a msitake moving out (i hope that doesn't hurt or offend and maybe that is not something you thought.... but i know i would think that.... as i also stopped sleeping when i moved into a new place, than entered a state of regret about the move).

    Melatonin can be great, i'd also advise getting sunlight during the day, and finding if there are any places you can sleep - even if its in a car, on a couch, at a friend, etc, to remind yourself of the wya your body does know how to calm itself

    i hope u do get some sleep, i have the same absolute problem and it's very hard for me. i used to think it was my apartment or the vibes, perhaps it is to some extent, but i also believe my anxiety is responsible, so treating that has been my current approach.

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