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Topic: Calming an anxious stomach at the moment

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  1. Tea444
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    1 posts
    20 April 2020
    Due to the state of the world at the moment I am experiencing heightened anxiety and increased stomach pains constantly. I’m staying off social media and avoiding the news but I was just wondering what other people are doing to combat this at the moment? Or how anxiety is presenting for you at the moment? My usual herbal tea and hot water bottle don’t seem to be working.
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  2. Speak Your Truth
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    960 posts
    20 April 2020 in reply to Tea444

    Hello Tea. I just posted something similar to you so I empathise with you well. It’s really difficult isn’t it. Only you know how you feel, so please think about whether you need to talk with your doctor.

    Do you live alone ? Do you have a pet ? My dog Possum is very well behaved and mostly sleeps a lot, but from time to time he goes for a walk with a friend and I really notice it when he’s not there, so he is company in that sense. I try to keep busy. Lots of people say it’s good to develop a routine, and I think they are right, but I’m not doing well at it. Can you keep busy with caring for your house, read books, do craft, listen to music, do some gardening, exercise ?
    Take care Tea, Cala 🤗😊

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  3. Quercus
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    20 April 2020 in reply to Tea444

    Hello Tea444,

    Welcome to the forums. Your post is one I think so many people will sympathise with! I sure do.

    I'd never considered myself as someone with anxiety. Very anxious about everything was my 'normal' state of mind ... (and so was Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety can be very distressing, I feel for you.

    Focusing on reducing your anxiety is a good plan. Reducing exposure to stresses is a good start too. Over the years I tried exercise and meditation too. Healthy eating. Some people swear by things like massage (not my thing). There is a long thread in the anxiety section where people share what helps them which you might like to read.

    But I also wanted to bring up the idea of a medical approach as an option. It's ok if meds aren't an approach you want to take. But seeing your doctor might be worth considering if your symptoms start causing you distress.

    I found sometimes people dismiss the effect tummy upset and pain can have. If you're unable to leave the house or taking leave from work often it is a huge problem. Being in pain and feeling out of control can get you down too. It did for me.

    Hopefully you find something that helps your symptoms soon.


  4. Mina19
    Mina19 avatar
    22 posts
    20 April 2020 in reply to Tea444


    I totally understand what you are going through. I posted something similar last week and before. I've been diagnosed with GAD and PTSD and when I get really anxious the first thing I feel is stomach pain and I get bowel issues like stress induced ibs. I was at the doctors today and she said 100% anxiety affects the stomach and bowels. She said to avoid watching the news at the moment this is a big stressor for me. Watch a movie, play with a pet or do a hobby. Things will get better soon. Plus do some deep breathing in peace and it will calm you down.

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