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Topic: Can anyone help?

7 posts, 0 answered
  1. Tim1982
    Tim1982 avatar
    13 posts
    14 January 2022

    Hi all.

    does anyone else get like weird feelings on one side of there head and it seems to never go away? When I say it never goes away, sometimes it feels like it does and then comes back.

    The sensation is like tension on one side of my head? Sometimes feels cold in a spot and also feel like numbness.

    I've been so scared it's something serious but the doctors have told me I don't need a scan because they're sure it's anxiety and stress.

    I googled and the worse results appeared and it's been getting worried.

    Yesterday I felt it disappeared for about 10mins or so and then it came back. A couple of other times it's gone but only briefly and then returns. I feel like it's gotten worse after I googled. I'm constantly fixated/focused on it.

    I just want to know if anyone has the same sensations? ... It's quite a scary feeling.

    This is started 3/4 weeks ago... I got blocked ears and developed a ringing and turns out of have fluid behind my ear which can cause these sensations but the doctor has put it down to also Anxiety/stress. I've also been to emergency and 2 other doctors before that and they said the sensation is normal.

  2. james1
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    james1 avatar
    2977 posts
    14 January 2022 in reply to Tim1982

    Hey Tim1982,

    It sounds like you're really worried about these symptoms you're getting. It sounds really scary to worry that it may be a symptom of something quite bad.

    To be honest, I am not sure if anyone here could tell you definitively whether it is anxiety/stress, or another physical problem. As you've alluded to, only a scan would probably tell you for certain. I have been getting very pinpoint headaches on one side of my head for the past 15 odd years and I've never worked out what they are. I think they might be tension headaches, but googling it never seems to give me any clarity.

    I am not sure, but I think you could get a scan if you are concerned. That might give you the certainty you're looking for. Do you think it would help if you did a scan and got a (hopefully) negative result?

    And have you been able to unblock your ears to see if that helps?


  3. geoff
    Life Member
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    geoff avatar
    15562 posts
    15 January 2022 in reply to Tim1982

    Hello Tim, when we google our symptoms we take on board the worse possibilities, that's our nature and have experienced blocked ears myself, where the debris had to be removed by an audiologist because washing them out didn't work this time.

    The feeling would come and go but it was difficult to listen to people speaking, once this was removed my ear senses suddenly came back and the tinnitus stopped.

    It is very frustrating when our ears are blocked as it's something we're not used to, so that's why struggling with this seems to create other issues we're not used to.

    I was told to put a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide as per instructions in each ear but you need to follow the directions on the bottle that's important or ask your pharmacist.


  4. therising
    Valued Contributor
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    therising avatar
    2309 posts
    15 January 2022 in reply to Tim1982

    Hi Tim

    Doctors can be questionable people at times. Should add, not all doctors are like that. In my opinion, it can't hurt to do a scan, just to rule out anything that may need attention. A good doctor will put your mind at ease. A good doctor will wonder about a variety of possibilities. A good doctor is happy to rule out anything serious.

    Personally, I'm not a medical person but I am sensitive enough to feel blood pressure and sinus pressure changes in my head and they definitely feel weird. I used to get 'Silent migranes' with some pretty bizarre side effects. While my regular doctor (who I no longer see) insisted I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and wanted to put me on medication, I wouldn't stand for it. I had to know what was really going on with my brain, why it was doing what it was doing. Another GP sent me for an MRI scan. It was a miracle, I was experiencing one of these migranes while in the machine. The timing was incredible.

    Sounds like it could be sinus related, based on the fluid factor. Could also be tension related. Who knows. One thing you do know is that you're entitled to have anything serious ruled out, if you're that concerned. If you're happy to pay for a scan and there's no good reason as to why a doctor won't send you for one, perhaps consider finding a GP who'll order a scan for you. An open minded GP is the best one to have in my opinion, based on my own experience. You could always consider asking for the scan as a way of helping you manage your growing overwhelming stress.

    Hope someone's able to put your mind at ease and give you the answers you need :)

  5. Tim1982
    Tim1982 avatar
    13 posts
    15 January 2022 in reply to james1

    Hi James.

    The doctor said I have fluid behind my ear drum and it will take up to 6 weeks... Maybe 8 before it dissolves. She said this would explain the feelings in my head and the ringing.

    Did you experience anything any kind of numbness or pressure in your head from it when your ears where blocked?

  6. Doberman38
    Doberman38 avatar
    5 posts
    16 January 2022

    Hi Tim.

    I'm really glad you were able to get that all sorted out, must be a great relief! Also, remember, anxiety can do very weird things, make us feel very odd, and also make us put a lot of attention on feelings which are otherwise normal. Just try to keep that in mind if you ever feel like this again.

    Wishing you all the best!

  7. james1
    Community Champion
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    james1 avatar
    2977 posts
    16 January 2022 in reply to Tim1982

    Hey Tim,

    I got earaches and ringing when my ears were blocked after an ear infection, but I think it's just as likely we simply had different symptoms. Are you still concerned there could be something more going on?


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