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Topic: Can I ask for some advice/help?

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  1. chriscollected
    chriscollected avatar
    7 posts
    2 June 2021


    Essentially, I’ve been dealing with anxiety for coming onto a month now and my counsellor had spoken about acute traumatic stress / PTSD as I know it was triggered by a situation that happened in my life, on the first day I had a panic attack. It’s like the jar of emotions finally opened and it’s become overwhelming.

    So I’ve been going to an external app that provides support by speaking to a registered counsellor/psychologist. I have found it useful but also a little intimidating. Has anyone found success in these kind of apps or is 1-on-1 in person sessions the real way to go? I just recently started that as well and came out rather emotionally which I felt was a great first session (I cried twice and I NEVER cry).

    Another issue I’ve found is I’m stuck between falling rather anxious when I’m at home alone because my partner still needs to go to work... I’ve found I’m a lot more productive, calm and safe when I’m at my families home. These are some great scenarios that could potentially push me further by having support around me but I’m also concerned that by doing this I’m not facing my anxieties head on...

    A piece of me wants to go back home for a couple of weeks. I’d be closer with family, i’d be closer to work, i’d be a lot more stronger, but as I said, I’m not facing my anxiety head on... I don’t know what to do...

  2. Giulia2021
    Giulia2021 avatar
    3 posts
    2 June 2021 in reply to chriscollected

    Hi Chris. My name is Giulia :-) I too have experienced PTSD and anxiety from the loss of my brother and I have worked with a therapist one-on-one for over a year and I've found it's helped a lot. My counselor does a process called havening but another great process to look into is called EMDR. The website to find a counselor/psychologist is here https://emdraa.org/find-a-therapist/. These therapies have helped me so much with processing my trauma. The only reason I'd say in person is a great option is because of these types of therapies.

    In terms of being at home by yourself, I would say it sounds like staying with your family is working really well for you right now. If that's a strategy that's working for you keep it! One bit-sized obstacle at a time is best so maybe focus on your sessions and seeing someone first then work on the why behind your feelings of anxiety when you're at home alone and what strategies you can use for it. This also something you can discuss with your therapist.

    I think if you're being called home, trust that for yourself. You are facing your anxiety head-on just by seeing someone. That's an amazing first step! Change can be overwhelming and small steps are where true change happens so choose one thing i.e. working with a therapist and then move to being able to be at home alone.

    I hope that helps :-) Also be proud of how far you come already by seeking help. It's so important to celebrate every milestone we take.


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