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Topic: Can’t help but feel like such a disappointment to everyone

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  1. RedWolfe
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    7 January 2020
    It is honestly how I feel, I’m writing this after a panic attack and a horrible day of having them. But I can’t help feeling what I’m feeling. I mainly feel like this after having a panic attack, but... I don’t know how to make these feelings go away. I feel like such a huge disappointment to my family and I feel like a burden because of how bad my anxiety and depression can be. I just feel like I’ve let everyone down.
  2. Dronic
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    8 January 2020 in reply to RedWolfe

    I feel the same way.

    Sometimes it's so overwhelming that I have to search for "answers" to questions of how I feel. It's just too much to over come and I need something normal, or grounding, or even just sometime to tell me they understand how I feel.

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  3. therising
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    221 posts
    8 January 2020 in reply to RedWolfe

    Hi RedWolfe

    As someone who suffered from depression for many years in the past, I would be the first to acknowledge that mental and physical health issues are not about letting people down. In fact, those who are conscious enough to want to raise a person in need, to greater heights, will see themselves raised to the challenge of doing so.

    So, the question becomes 'Are those around you accepting the challenge of helping raise you or are they simply baring witness to your struggles?' If there is one thing I have learned after my experience in my depression, it's that sometimes we must request or even demand assistance in being raised in constructive ways. These days, if I'm feeling a little low or drained and unmotivated, I will challenge those around me to lift my spirits and motivate me because basically I believe this is how love works. Often, the most powerful form of love is...love in action.

    You must learn to give yourself credit. You got yourself through the panic attacks which can be incredibly exhausting mentally, physically and naturally. You must admit, it takes a lot of effort to get through. So, if others don't appear to be doing anything proactive, you certainly are. Every time you experience such a challenge and are determined to get through or ride it out, you in fact are raising yourself to an incredible challenge (each time). Getting through the exhaustion is something that makes you undeniably amazing and courageous. Sounds like another challenge involves you becoming a bit of detective. Finding out why the anxiety and depression exist could be a part of your work. Also, finding ways to manage such conditions may lead you to mental health professionals or professionals who deal with natural therapies (conscious breathing, acupressure and so on). Personally, I've become a great devotee of shifting energy naturally and it serves me well in so many ways when it comes to self understanding.

    Being a detective can prove for some to be a powerful and liberating experience. Are you ready to rise to this next challenge? If so, you can always ask a trusted friend or family member to help in your search. I suggest you pick someone who thrives on challenge to help you (this will speed up the process).

    RedWolfe, you are far more powerful than the conditions that lead you to suffer :)

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  4. geoff
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    3392 posts
    8 January 2020 in reply to RedWolfe

    Hello RedWolfe and Dronic, welcome to both of you.

    I'm sorry or how you are feeling, and yes I have felt like this much earlier on when I was struggling, but it's not so much about what your family feels, it's about you yourself getting the help to sort out the problems you are suffering from.

    OK we might want to know how they feel about us, and if they do want to support us through this awful period, then that's fantastic, but if they show any criticism at you then they are worth pursuing.

    It's virtually impossible to snap out of depression/anxiety because it's a constant battle and at times how can we explain it, as there doesn't have to be a reason as to why someone is depressed and it can't be compared to just being sad for the day which is a confusion others may think.

    You have total support here.


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  5. ...s...
    ...s... avatar
    0 posts
    16 January 2020 in reply to RedWolfe

    I feel the sand way all the time. Just a little bit ago I got in trouble for my room being messy, I was told they weren’t getting angry but when they left I started crying immediately. I wanted to curl up in a ball forever but I lay on the floor crying quietly so no one could here me. When ever I do something even slightly wrong I feel like my friends don’t truely like me and my family thinks I’m stupid and a burden. I haven’t even talked to my family about maybe having anxiety. They don’t even know I’m on beyond blue!

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