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Topic: Could use some advice

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. blueeyes98
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    2 posts
    17 January 2020

    For a quick backstory so it makes sense (long story short version): Im 21 and all my life i've experienced severe unbearable anxiety, I missed semesters of school at a time and failed most classes due to not attending class, and at certain times 'normal' kind of tasks are hard due to my anxiety. I've seen many councillors and psychologists and it seems to come and go in waves over the years. I went on meds a few years ago (off them now as they made me feel numb and I slept too much) but I was still able to live a semi-normal life on them. I kept a job for over a year in 2017 but then had to unfortunately resign as i couldn't cope with the panic attacks at work. 2 years past and a few months ago I decided it was time to get back into things, as I hadn't experienced any major anxiety attacks since leaving the previous job. Ive been employed for 5 months (retail), only working 2 shifts a week to ease back into things and it was going extremely well but the past 2 months have been dreadful to the point where the physical side effects of the anxiety are making it dangerous, I panic in the car on the drive to work, its getting so bad its unsafe to drive, and when i'm there I struggle to stand up straight, its crippling. So I just then resigned from the job.

    So, if your'e still reading, I am in the process of getting more help but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of jobs that are more independent, calm and supportive? something on my own terms or a somewhat lenient workplace? I'm such a hard worker, but my mental health really gets in the way.

    I'm an extremely independent person and hate having to owe people things, when i'm not working as you can imagine borrowing money, asking for help and favours adds extra anxieties and pressures. I want my life back and I'm so tired of this, I shouldn't be like this at my young age, so any advice on work would be so deeply appreciated.

  2. white knight
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    8160 posts
    17 January 2020 in reply to blueeyes98

    Hi, welcome

    Some very good questions there that I think I can answer.

    Remedies to anxiety come in short, medium and long range implementation so if you are doing say, relaxation that might not seem to work but in the long term they will. So be patient and form a routine daily for all standard ideas to reduce anxiety.

    33 years ago I had a workplace trauma that began panic attacks. It was law enforcement (not police) and eventually after a year off work I had to leave my profession. Fir the first time I learned that with anxiety (and other illnesses like depression) that the profession and the workplace can be two of the triggers to anxiety. It isnt easy giving up my career and seeking another.

    So professions that are not ideal for anxiety could include- customer service, food preparation and selling, law enforcement, medical, aged care etc. Also two part time jobs are better than one full time, a change of scenery after 3-4 hours is gold.

    Eventually I started my own business in private investigations. That enabled me to work alone and reject work if it was too taxing like far travel. I also was more anxious if staying away from home. I earned to be more aware of people approaching me on the job so proved a master at avoidance.

    Here is a few threads I've written that tackle these topic in more depth. Google them and read the first post of each. You wont regret it.

    Beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it

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    The last one on the frog is an example of the fine line we find ourselves in. The balance of accepting who you are (that includes some anxiety) and the changes you have to make to improve your life. It means not seeking so much change as to find other issues arising like losing your way through losing your own personality etc.

    As Stephen Fry once said "if I am reincarnated...I want my depression to come back with me also as I know no other way to live life without it".

    Reply anytime


  3. romantic_thi3f
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    2688 posts
    20 January 2020 in reply to blueeyes98

    Hi blueeyes98,

    Thanks for your post. It sounds like you've had a rough trip with anxiety and I'm glad to hear that you're reaching out for help; I'm getting the idea that it's pretty crippling at the moment.

    So- with your question, I'm not really sure how to answer it. I think this is because the workforce isn't quite as black and white. One person might say an admin assistant, but then another person might say that that job is so stressful - or another could say electrician, and same same. I think it more so depends on the type of workplace you find yourself in, and the types of colleagues you work with.

    With that said though, sometimes you can modify it a little bit - taking less hours, different responsibilities, etc.

    Given that you said you were in retail, you could look at different positions - working at Coles or Woolworths is going to have a totally different atmosphere to a place like a gift shop or a pet store for example. Likewise, being a cashier or a sales assistant is a bit different to a stocker.

    I'm not sure if this is helpful for you? I hope that when see a psychologist they'll provide a bit of extra support or help you implement some strategies.


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