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Topic: Depersonalisation

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. ypla
    ypla avatar
    35 posts
    5 May 2021

    I've been having this feeling where I feel like I'm not in control of my body and actions. Let's say I start a conversation with someone and in mid conversation, I forget what I was saying, or cannot say the things I want to say. I've been to many awkward situations because of this condition. Another time, I feel like I've done something bad (that I obviously didn't do like murdering someone) and feel guilty about it. It feels like I have two versions of myself and my other half acts independently from myself.

    Has anyone felt the same? Should I bring it up with my psychologist? or do I need to see a psychiatrist?

  2. socialmoth
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    socialmoth avatar
    79 posts
    6 May 2021 in reply to ypla

    Hi ypla,

    From my understanding, what you have described could be a couple of different things. I have experienced that disassociation where I feel like I've completely lost track of what I was saying and can't remember what I was going to say next. It can be tricky and it's an awkward thing to explain to people too.

    I think it's best if you bring it up with your psychologist as they will be best positioned to help you understand and deal with these feelings.

  3. IronBinder
    IronBinder avatar
    8 posts
    6 May 2021 in reply to ypla
    socialmoth is right you should tell your psychologist, I have had similar things happen to me; I have a stutter and I sometimes can barley form sentences out loud and sometimes when I talk half the word doesn't even come out of my mouth. it is annoying, but telling your psychologist and I trusted friend can help you understand things and feel better about yourself. I hope this helps. I would like to know how it goes though, so if your comfortable I would like to know if it works for you.
  4. Mr. Irrational
    Mr. Irrational avatar
    14 posts
    6 May 2021 in reply to ypla

    It typically occurs when the mind can no longer tolerate the internal feelings/stresses.

    Definitely discuss with the psychologist so they can talk through what ever the underlying issue is thats causing it.

    Take care of yourself it will pass.

  5. ypla
    ypla avatar
    35 posts
    7 May 2021
    I don't know what's real or imaginary anymore, there is a blurred line between them and I've been crossing this line far too many times. What's real can all of a sudden feel imaginary, and what's imaginary like day dreaming or a nightmare can feel like something I've done in the past. The other day I could swear that my room was turned up side down by a thief but it was tidy the other day like no one has touched it. I almost lost my sense of taste and smell. Pain or cold weather is an indication of reality for me. I even ran a red light the other day because of how unresponsive I've become.

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