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Topic: Depersonalisation/derealisation

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  1. Amy12345
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    1 posts
    4 April 2020
    Does anyone else suffer from DPDR? Mine is really bad at the moment and I was hoping to get some tips for what helps
  2. PamelaR
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    2681 posts
    5 April 2020 in reply to Amy12345

    Hi Amy

    In my life I have had episodes of dissociation. It’s pretty frightening isn’t it. My thoughts go out to you. I managed to move through these with various psychotherapy treatments that included - cognitive behavioural therapy and talk therapy. Some of the things I learnt were -

    • To address the emotions related to past trauma I experienced
    • To work through the causes of my anxiety and depression
    • Techniques to distracted me from my symptoms and to make me feel more connected to my world and feeling. One example I found for this is suck on lemon slices. The bitterness of the lemon brings you back with a jolt to reality. Or rub ice over your face to stimulate the nerve endings in your cheeks.
    • To find coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations and extreme stress. I expect the current COVID-19 situation may contribute to what’s happening to you at the moment. Would that be right?

    Are you seeing a counsellor for your depersonalisation and derealisation? If so are you able to call them and have a phone or Skype appointment? Do you have any selp help books handy at the moment. If not, you could look online for some.

    Hope some of this helps Amy.

    Kind regards


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