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Topic: Exhausted perfectionist

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  1. Bellaboo2
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    2 posts
    2 April 2020
    I havnt posted here for a while little nervous. I’ve been struggling with anxiety for quite a long time. It seems to be getting worse and worse. I’m stuck in my head all the time. There is never a time where my thoughts stop. I am on constant alert and stressed 24/7 with no logical reason. I need to be perfect all the time. Its devolving into unhealthy expectations on myself and constant bashing on myself. I get angry, irratable and have panic attacks if I don’t meet my expectations I set myself . Is this a symptom of anxiety?
  2. Katyonthehamsterwheel
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    834 posts
    3 April 2020 in reply to Bellaboo2

    Hiya :)

    Good on you for being brave and posting, it's not always easy, but it's a great supportive place full of people that want to help. I can't really answer your question, as I'm not a professional, but it certainly could be. I put myself down a lot for being dumb or not good enough or a million other things that I think I'm supposed to be and aren't. So perhaps.

    Have you or are you seeing anybody for help with your anxiety? There are lots of different things you can do, that can help, but professionals can teach us ways to manage our thinking a lot healthier. If you go see your GP, they'll be able to refer you to someone, who can help get you off the thought train and stop things devolving further.

    I'm happy to chat if there's anything you want to chat about. I'm in therapy for anxiety, myself.

    Kind thoughts, Katy

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