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Topic: Feeling anxious all the time

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  1. Amy1234
    Amy1234 avatar
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    7 January 2020
    I know I’ve suffered from generalised anxiety for a few years now (I get a sick feeling about things that make me uncomfortable) and have not been diagnosed by a doctor but lately have been feeling anxious about the smallest things. Feeling like I can’t do anything right and that the decisions I do make are judged by my partner as the wrong decision. Feeling like I could cry if something seems difficult or doesn’t go my way and just a sense of not feeling happy. I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for in my life but I just seem to feel unhappy and like i can’t do anything right. I feel unsupported even though I have a lot of friends and family
  2. Step Twelve
    Step Twelve avatar
    0 posts
    8 January 2020 in reply to Amy1234
    Hi Amy,

    It sounds like your anxiety (and possibly depression) are escalating lately. Sorry to hear you're going through this - good move coming here for some support.

    Your sense of not feeling happy and often being on the verge of crying are very familiar and quite common when depression starts to creep in. You say that you have a lot to be thankful for, which is great, but be careful not to allow feelings of misplaced guilt to make things worse. Certainly, practising gratitude is an effective form of therapy but it never does us any good to compare or diminish our own suffering; Your pain is your pain, regardless of what you have in your life.

    I feel it's almost a bit patronising to just say, "see a doctor". I mean, it's not as though you wouldn't have been able to come up with that idea on your own! But maybe, like me, there is something stopping you from looking for expert help. For me the barrier was a combination of a) being quite sceptical that anyone could really help me, and b) having a strange subconscious fear of inconveniencing people. I can say now that things only significantly started to improve for me after I spoke to my GP (a good one - don't be afraid to try a few) and put together a plan. I really recommend you at least start a conversation with your doctor around what you're going through.

    If you're feeling alone because of a lack of understanding amongst your family and friends, you will find some good advice around these forums and on this website about how to communicate what you're going through, and how to give your loved ones the information they need to support you.

    You always have support here, regardless. I hope things improve soon, take care and good luck.
  3. Amy1234
    Amy1234 avatar
    0 posts
    10 January 2020 in reply to Step Twelve
    Thanks for your reply, it really helps to hear all of that. I’ll definitely take your advice on board.

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