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Topic: Feeling overwhelmed

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. JuliaT
    JuliaT avatar
    3 posts
    14 April 2020

    Hi everyone :)

    My name is Julia and I have just joined this online forum. I wanted to become part of the online community to see if I could get some support for my general anxiety and depression, which have become overwhelming in the past few weeks. Anxiety and depression tend to show up in my body in the forms of sleeplessness, headaches, stomach aches and overthinking. I have recently been dealing with a persistent, painful and long term sinus infection, which for me has been a real bummer (as I am a super keen surfer!), and really hard to deal with during all the stress of COVID-19. My family lives back in New Zealand and even though I have great housemates, friends and support here in Australia, I have been feeling very alone, stuck in my own head and unable to enjoy things I usually enjoy.

    Despite not feeling great, I have been getting up early to exercise, eat well, get plenty of rest, write in my journal and talk to my therapist once a week. Even though I have been trying really hard to get through this difficult time, I am feeling very overwhelmed by things that are out of my control ( such as the duration/pain of this sinus infection, how long it will be until I can see my family again and the stress of COVID 19) and find myself going into a downhill, anxious spiral that doesn't allow me to see any of the positives. I am also a perfectionist, so having to show this vulnerable side of myself to my employers, friends and housemates is very uncomfortable, as I am normally an energetic, bubbly person (but have always hid the anxious side of myself well).

    These anxious episodes have left me with a bit of PTSD and make me feel guilty about not being able to get over them, even though I understand feeling guilty and angry about it is not helpful in any way.

    I wanted to know if anyone had things that may have been helpful for them to get them out of this head space and see things in a different light? I was also wondering if anyone could recommend any CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) tips that could help me during this anxious, stressful time or even just a helpful reminder that the bad things in life always pass (as I know they do, but can't quite see at the moment!)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope I can extend a bit of support to others also in this online community.

    Lots of love! Julia

  2. zguenzl
    zguenzl avatar
    31 posts
    14 April 2020 in reply to JuliaT

    Hi Julia,

    Welcome to the BeyondBlue community forum and we thank you for reaching out.

    Your experience with anxiety sounds very similar to mine, in terms of feeling overwhelmed by things out of your control.

    I also just want to give you a big WELL DONE and YOU ARE AWESOME for continuing with activities that support strong mental health, such as exercise & talking with a therapist. Not everyone can achieve what you have, and even if it doesn't feel like it's helping right now, I promise that this is going to help you manage your anxiousness a lot easier.

    The main thing that helped me manage my anxious thoughts aside from those you are already doing is meditation. I have the app called Smiling Mind, which is a guided meditation for all types of things, such as mindful eating (you get to eat chocolate which meditating!), managing your breathing and practicing gratitude. At first I was skeptical of how this would help me, but once I started practicing more and more (I do about 10 minutes a day), I began to feel my whole body (and my mind) relax during the meditation, and I actually started enjoying doing it.

    Maybe you could give this a go? Other things I do to help me are knitting, colouring in & walking - anything to take a short mental break from my current situation and focus on something routine.

    I hope some of this helps even a little bit.

    All the best,


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  3. JuliaT
    JuliaT avatar
    3 posts
    14 April 2020 in reply to zguenzl

    Hi Zoe,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post :) I will definitely give the Smiling Mind App a go and see if it makes a difference, I have always wanted to be better at meditation, but find my mind just bounces around like a ping pong ball!

  4. zguenzl
    zguenzl avatar
    31 posts
    15 April 2020 in reply to JuliaT

    Fair enough - mine does too.

    I like to practice mindfulness by going for a walk or taking a bath and instead of not letting any thoughts into my brain, I let them come but I also let them go just as easily. Like they're washing over you like the ocean.

    It also removes the stress of not letting any thoughts come in at all and feeling like you're doing it wrong.

    Hope you have a lovely day :)


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