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Topic: Fresh out of high school - anxiety about the future

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  1. pixie798
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    25 May 2021

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to online forums here so am a little nervous to post this, but recently i have seen a new doctor and she has said she thinks i have anxiety, and referred me to a psychologist.

    the psychologist wasn’t taking new clients, so i’ve had to wait longer for another doctors appointment so i could get a new referral for a different psychologist, which has been hard waiting because i feel so desperate and need to see someone (hence why i’ve come on here). i’m sorry for anyone reading this, you may be thinking i’m off on a weird and unnecessary tangent and life story, but the truth is i feel so lost in my life right now and just need some way to put it out there and talk to other people about it (who aren’t my mum and boyfriend).

    i graduated from high school in 2020 and started uni in 2021 but i didn’t think the course was for me and i have since deferred until next year, but the anxiety i am left with now of not knowing what lies ahead of me in my career is terrifying and i am anxious about it everyday. i also worry about the fact that i hate my job already.

    i used to work at woolworths while i was at school, quit during the peak of coronavirus and have now gone back to working in a supermarket. and i wanted a job for so long after being unemployed but now i have a job i don’t want one. which makes me feel horrible, because i want to work, i want to earn money, i want to contribute to society, but still i just don’t want to be there. i feel like the most ungrateful person in the world and yet at the same time i am so grateful for everything i have. i feel so conflicted with my thoughts, and this brings me so much anxiety. going to work everyday brings me so much anxiety, and even on my days off i get anxious i’m going to get asked to work!

    i also dream of working on social media as an “influencer” i guess you could call it, which so many people don’t see as a real job, but social media has such a big impact on people daily, and i would love to work on a worldwide scale helping women gain confidence in themselves and start a brand of my own, but i’m scared this goal is too much, and i’m worried people i used to go to school with may judge me and make fun of me for this. and even then i wouldn’t know where to start! i also need to choose a new course for uni next year.

    this is such a long and probably unnecessary post, but i guess i’m just hoping one of you may have felt the same in the past or feel this way too. i just feel lost, and scared.

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  2. jtjt_4862
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    25 May 2021 in reply to pixie798
    Hi pixie798

    Welcome to the forums! Thank you for sharing your feelings, as it reminded me of how I felt as well when I was young and just out of high school.

    I too went through a somewhat similar feeling of uncertainty when I graduated from high school. From having no career path after high school, going thru multiple studies, changing career paths. While I'm fortunate to be in a job that sustains me, I'm still searching what else is there that life has to offer.

    Life is filled with mysteries and uncertainties, and that's what makes it natural for anyone to be anxious about what lies ahead. I still remember a quote from Oogway in Kung Fu Panda, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present." I'm too concerned about what will the future be, that I'm forgetting to enjoy my present day. I'm still trying to better myself as a person; learning from the pasts, and live the moment. There are also days where I worry about the future as well, but I try my best to not let my worries hold me back from enjoying life. I try to keep moving forward, and no matter what life throws at me, I will learn from it and make the most of out the experience.

    I'm not familiar with how to be an influencer on social media for a good cause, but every goal starts off from small baby steps, regardless of how big or small they are. The internet is a good place to start at, you could perhaps look into the background on some famous social media influencers that has helped women in society, and see what they have done to reach to where they are as a reference to where you may start.

    As for your work, it feels like you might be burnt out from work? Happy to listen to any thoughts that you'd like to share about it, and what may be contributing to your fear of going to work (even during your days off).


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  3. pinkandgrey
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    13 posts
    26 May 2021 in reply to pixie798

    Hi pixie798

    Welcome and thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share your thoughts and feelings about your anxiety with us in the forums. I recently started getting anxiety about my future as well, but I'm in my thirties so a far cry from your age. I went through the same state of panic regarding getting a psychologist - I was referred to one by my GP and could not get through for several days. A counsellor from Beyond Blue actually advised me that getting a referral meant that I had been put on a mental health plan, and I could look around for another psychologist instead of waiting for the one I had been referred to. I reached out to a few around my area, explained to them the situation, and in the end I managed to secure another psychologist within a day without going back to my GP first to get another referral. I would suggest doing a search for psychologists in your area and contacting them. Knowing that you have a professional to talk to offers a lot of peace of mind.

    jtjt_4862 had a wonderful outlook on the present; I hope to try to take it to heart myself. Your post was far from unnecessary, as you said it helps to speak about it with people who have gone or are going through the same as you. I hope the above offered some help, and please continue to keep us posted with how you are.



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