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Topic: Having trouble with anxiety

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. PsychedelicFur
    PsychedelicFur avatar
    327 posts
    18 May 2021

    Hey there, feeling down in the dumbs at the moment.

    My parents are getting a divorce and the process seems messy because my mum wants more than what she has bargained for. And my dad has protested against it with his lawyer. I live with my dad so it has been really hard on us emotionally, financially and physically.
    There are so many uncertainties. And it’s taking it’s toll on us.

    And I don’t get along with my mum at all either which makes matters worse. She left my dad on Christmas Eve for another man. And I’m just so frustrated that she is trying to make it even more difficult for my dad. I’m having enormous trouble with my anxiety at the moment.., it has been somewhat calm for so long but now I am just reminded of the uncertainties that are happening within my life so far.

    I have seen my mother for who she really is just recently and quite frankly I’m sickened and shocked.

    It really hurts. And I’m so very confused, stressed and hurt.


  2. Croix
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    Croix avatar
    10378 posts
    20 May 2021 in reply to PsychedelicFur

    Dear PsF~

    I'm writing, not becuse I've any great answers, but in your shoes I'd not want to feel alone.

    My family history is not a good one so I'm probably not the best to speak. I do know children, even when they become adults, see parents as a comforting and fixed corner of the world. Somewhere they can rely on and give and feel love.

    When that breaks down the effect is huge, no wonder you feel hurt. It may be that both parents (even your mother) may love you, maybe just not each other. I guess you will be a better judge of that.

    Breakup means the permanent becomes impermanent, and that certainly is terrible for your anxiety - how can I answer that? Well, you have faced adversity throughout you life, and have talked about much here. That does have an up side, believe it or not, you have coped with everything, and that may help you be more confident with the future, no matter what life throws at you.

    I know I felt my parents, when I was young, were pretty good and loving people, and it does come as a shock if you find out that one, or both, are not what you thought. It can leave one feeling rather lost.

    May I ask what you are planning, maybe support your dad?


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