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Topic: Health Anxiety - Possible Neuropathy or just simple anxiety etc...

10 posts, 0 answered
  1. Zeeko
    Zeeko  avatar
    4 posts
    31 March 2019

    Hi all.

    For a month now I have been having tingling, occasional burning and muscle aches in my feet. I also feel my heart pulse in my foot if I put pressure on it for a while and even temporarily when there is no pressure at all. The symptoms feel like they get worse when I am wearing shoes. They also feel like they are worse when I am sitting down. I can recreate tingling in feet when I put my legs in certain positions (like hamstring stretches, sitting on the toilet seat).

    I have foolishly used Google to self-diagnose and I am now terrified on a daily basis that this can be small fibre peripheral neuropathy. To me it seems to match all the symptoms I have and I am constantly worried every day. Its disrupting my daily activities because its a life long condition that only gets worse over time.

    Now I will say that the tingling started on my left foot for a month (it then spread to my right foot) and ONLY after my doctor asked me whether I had tingling in my feet which I didnt at the time. So that seems to suggest anxiety right? But I just dont know. AIl the symptoms seem to match peripheral neuropathy!!! I am seeing a neurologist but i have to wait a month and the wait is driving me crazy.

    I dont know how I can live with that condition and the effect it would have on my family and my future. I cant stop thinking about it and I know things are worse the more anxious I am.

    I will say as well that I can still sleep. I dont get any pain that disrupts my sleep except for the anxiety which has been disrupting my sleep. But i know neuropathy starts off mild and gets worse...

    I am just trying to keep myself together until my appointment and needed to get this off my chest.

    Thank you for reading.

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  2. Soberlicious96
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    Soberlicious96 avatar
    518 posts
    31 March 2019 in reply to Zeeko

    Hi Zeeko,

    I too have Peripheral Neuritis; so I know what you mean by pain, numbness and pins and needles. Mine was caused from a combination of injuries and excessive alcohol and drug abuse. I have now been clean sober for 22 years!

    But my pins and needles and numbness and pain CAN persist. I have pretty much permanent numbness in my right thigh, I get pins and needles in my hands and feet in certain positions, and just lately, I am having pain again in my left hip. I also have the beginnings of arthritis in my back. Again, due to injuries sustained when I was younger.

    The best suggestion I can make is relax! Maybe see a physio for some stretching/flexing exercises that may help, while you wait for your specialist appointment? Perhaps you could also try some meditation exercises to slow your mind down. And remember to stick to the facts; life is about what IS, not 'what if'?! It's those intrusive 'what if' thoughts that are completely unhelpful ...... especially when brought on by seeking information from 'Dr Google'! Don't worry, you're not the only one to have googled your symptoms.

    I do hope that you can get some answers and relief soon.

    If it helps to know, summer is better for me than winter. Winter seems to be that bit more challenging, for my particular aches and pains. ..... and it's starting to cool off now. Oh well, such is life. Thank God for electric blankets!!! At least I can walk and talk and look after myself. There's sure to be plenty more people who have it far worse.

    Take care. Let us know how you go. xo

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  3. KNY
    KNY avatar
    4 posts
    5 April 2019 in reply to Soberlicious96

    Hi Zeeko,

    I understand how you feel. I too have been having, tingling, burning, random sharp pains in my feet. And sometimes my hands. I too have self diagnosed and my doctor believes its due to anxiety as I have been very stressed about believing I have possibly gotten a disease from something stupid I did a month ago. A test at 4 weeks for the potential infection came up negative but I cannot stop feeling these symptoms. I will admit I wake up and its the first thing I think about "omg does my foot tingle or burn? " I think about it all day at work, while I am talking to others I am assessing myself. I will be going back to the GP to ask for further testing in regards to neuropathy. I wonder if its in my head because I am scared of potentially having a disease that may have caused neuropathy. It is affecting my ability to think and live properly. I just the difference here is I am more scared of potentially having an incurable disease thats caused neuropathy rather than having neuropathy. But I understand your fear and almost hoping it is just anxiety.

    I hope you keep us updated.

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  4. Zeeko
    Zeeko  avatar
    4 posts
    5 April 2019 in reply to KNY

    Thank you for the responses guys.

    KNY, its nice to hear from someone who is sharing a similar plight to myself. It really is horrible isn't it? For a while I felt hopeless but I have recently received a diagnosis of coeliac disease that COULD explain these symptoms I am having. I tell you now that an incurable disease is unlikely but IF true, I speak from experience that its still fairly easy to live a fulfilled and happy life. What I was terrified of is an idiopathic diagnosis where doctors cant explain whats causing it. So for me, if it is neuropathy, theres a good chance I can find the cause.

    I empathise your struggle mate. The only way is to keep living and distracting yourself as best you can. Also, I suggest you see a psych like I am who can assist you in looking after your mental health until you get some answers.

    Wishing you well and sharing your plight.

  5. Zeeko
    Zeeko  avatar
    4 posts
    8 April 2019 in reply to Zeeko

    Hello guys,

    An update for myself really. I have been better mentally speaking recently. The main that has improved my anxiety is staying away from Dr Google. I cannot stress enough that google alone can give you crippling anxiety to the point where it affects everything about you. I stress do NOT read blogs about people having horrible lives due to illnesses. It will do nothing for you and needless horrify you.

    My symptoms have... changed somewhat. I was having tingling, aching, burning etc on both feet with the left worse than the right. I also had twitching in the legs alot leading to muscle tension. My symptoms in my right foot seem to have reduced somewhat where I don't feel sensations there unless I am aware of the foot or am stressed out. I also dont notice any heart beat there most of the time, even when I put pressure on it. So thats some good news I hope.

    The left foot has gotten better but still has symptoms. So I don't feel tingling most of the time anymore. Funny enough the weird feelings have seemed to be confined to my big toe. It gets cold and i need to put on warm socks or a hot bag to make it feel better. I also get aches in the outside of the toe and just underneath. I do feel a heart beat still if I put pressure on it and notice it or am stressed.I havent worn shoes in a while so maybe thats helping ... honestly not sure. I can still feel sensations and hot/cold etc.

    I don't think I will be symptom free until i get confirmation from my doctor there is no underlying health problem. So I still get anxious ... not as bad but its tough. Sleep is better but I still have issues waking up 2-3 times in the night. In the high likelihood this is all anxiety, it really does leave a lasting impact on your body...

    Thanks for reading.

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  6. Ash81
    Ash81 avatar
    54 posts
    14 April 2019 in reply to Zeeko
    Hi, just checking how you’re doing and letting you know you’re not alone! I’m having terrible indigestion/acid/nausea and my mind is going crazy.. reading an article (I seem to attract cancer ones) and it stated that’s how a guy found out he had kidney cancer! My heath anxiety is cancer and dying so now I’m getting myself into such a spin... trying to calm myself down and repeat to myself that I’m fine; there would be other symptoms and that in January/February I was on a holiday and had NO symptoms.. I’m on antidepressants now because I just couldn’t handle the negative thinking anymore. Hope these feelings subside for us all; by far health anxiety has been the worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with!
  7. Zeeko
    Zeeko  avatar
    4 posts
    7 May 2019

    Hello people,

    Some wonderful news for me. I went to the neurologist after 2 months of worrying myself sick and he has determined my symptoms are due to anxiety. He did an EMG and that showed nothing. He said that my feet were sweaty which goes against a diagnosis of small fibre neuropathy along with other things (i still feel things etc). While he wont do a specific test for it he seems 100% convinced and says further testing would just make my anxiety worse. He said the variability and how it can be good one day and be bad another all strongly support its all anxiety.

    My relief is palpable. I still get symptoms but my mental ability to deal with them is much better now while I work with my psych.

    I had no idea just how much anxiety can screw with your body. It will be a while before im normal again but now I can truly begin to recover...

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  8. PeterBa
    PeterBa avatar
    8 posts
    7 November 2019 in reply to Zeeko
    Hi Zeeko, I have a similar issue since several months and wonder how you went after this post?
  9. PeterBa
    PeterBa avatar
    8 posts
    7 November 2019 in reply to KNY
    Hi KNY, just wondering how you went with this, because I have similar issues (hands and fingers).
  10. KNY
    KNY avatar
    4 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to PeterBa


    My apologies for such a late reply. It was all anxiety related. Once I had regulated my feelings, I stopped noticing it. Occasionally I feel them but it doesn't cause me concern anymore.

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