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Topic: Health Anxiety- Obsessing Over MS

10 posts, 0 answered
  1. Marto9014
    Marto9014 avatar
    11 posts
    20 May 2020

    Hi All
    Having a torrid time with health anxiety. I had a medical scare about a month ago. Once given the all clear I was fine. But then a few weeks later I had tingling in my right arm and fingers. I had had this before due to a suppressed lunar nerve, and knew it was likely that. But for some reason I saw the need to ask Dr Google.

    Seeing MS up the top of the search results has put me into a spin. Since then I have experienced a variety of symptoms. Burning in my legs, restless right leg, numbness that has moved around in my right foot, and weakness in my right leg. My GP is convinced it’s anxiety but has referred me to a neurologist for peace of mind.

    I’m also so in tune to my walking pattern (read that MS can change your walking style) that I think about absolutely every step and has made my leg quite uncomfortable.
    I have had symptoms for about 3 weeks, and barely a minute doesn’t go past where I think of MS and how I’ll deal with it if diagnosed. Bloody annoying as I know it’s likely anxiety.

    Just thought I’d share my symptoms, as if there’s anyone else out there feeling the same they won’t feel as alone!

    Would love to hear from anyone else experiencing something similar.

  2. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    21 May 2020 in reply to Marto9014
    I am legit going through this right now!!! In seeing a neurologist tomorrow.

    Since March I've been getting pins and needles in random spots. Mainly in my right foot. I get itching, crawling feeling sometimes, perceived muscle weakness.

    My doctor thinks it's all anxiety related also but wants me to get checked for peace of mind.

    It's all I obsess about. I am super aware of every physical feeling I have. I even have started having issues with my eyes losing a little focus at a computer screen on and off. I'm exhausted
  3. blondguy
    Life Member
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    blondguy avatar
    10789 posts
    22 May 2020 in reply to Marto9014

    Hi Marto9014 (and a wave to M1ssjess89!)

    Good on you Marto9014 for having the courage to post....Physical symptoms of anxiety are awful to experience

    I have included a link below that you may find interesting with your symptoms....


    I really hope you (and M1ssjess89) find it helpful...Posted by Annabay in October 2019

    you are not alone

    my kind thoughts


  4. Marto9014
    Marto9014 avatar
    11 posts
    22 May 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89

    Hi Jess

    Good that you were able to get in to see a Neurologist. How did it go?

    Hope you are feeling better

  5. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    25 May 2020 in reply to Marto9014

    I saw the neurologist and he made me do some tests and he said there are no red flags for him. He did a nerve test on my legs and just found i had one nerve thats slightly damaged from crossing my legs all the time. He is sending me for a full body scan more for the fact that I can calm down. He also thinks it's just anxiety, and also withdrawal symptoms from my last medication.

    Whilst I sit here typing I have a tingling feeling in my left calm and my right hand feels funny. So I'm still getting physical symptoms all the time, I'm just repeating to myself it probably just all is anxiety. I cannot get the MRI done for another week and then cannot get results for a few weeks... So still a wait. I do feel slightly calmer... but I'm still freaking out a little.

    My advise is to STAY AWAY FROM DOCTOR GOOGLE!! I keep also doing it every now and again. I think I need to ban the site on my phone lol.

  6. Marto9014
    Marto9014 avatar
    11 posts
    26 May 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89

    Thanks for the reply! I have been told it could be months before I see a Neuro, which you can imagine hasn't eased the anxiety at all. Glad that your doctor thinks there are no red flags, gives me some hope too!


  7. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    26 May 2020 in reply to Marto9014
    I had somebody cancel so I got in earlier. Fingers crossed you get in quicker! Let us know how you go.
  8. maccaz
    maccaz avatar
    25 posts
    23 June 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89
    How are you both going? seen neuros?
  9. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    23 June 2020 in reply to maccaz
    Yeah did you get in Marto? I replied on my original post ☺️ I went fine at the neuro
  10. Marto9014
    Marto9014 avatar
    11 posts
    26 October 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89

    Yet to see a neuro but was able to get an MRI and the consulting Neuro had a look and it all looked fine. And surprise surprise- the symptoms went away not long after that. Who would’ve thought!?!?

    how are you travelling Jess?

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