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Topic: Health anxiety

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. LC80
    LC80 avatar
    17 posts
    19 May 2020
    This seems like a merry go round for me. I am currently going through a rough patch with my health and my anxiety level is at maximum. I was in tears with my GP yesterday, and for a 63 year old bloke that is not a good look. But she was reassuring and I have started on the latest journey to find out what are the steps forward to get past this set back. I have chronic lung issues, no cure just management, and I have a deep seated fear that my life is coming to a premature end. In reality I don't know how long I have left, it could be longer than I am convinced it will be. I feel quite emotionally fragile, and it drives my wife spare, so I try to suppress it as best I can. I do have an outlet away from home, I do some community radio, but as with everyone else I am locked in more often during the pandemic. This post is just a vent for my frustrations, as I am resigned to my ongoing health issues and the decline of my quality of life. But, it scares the hell out of me.
  2. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    25 May 2020 in reply to LC80

    It's good that you're able to get onto this forum to vent! I know that it makes me feel better being able to get it out into the open.

    I'm having alot of issues with health anxiety at the moment. What I find really helps is going for a brisk walk/run. Maybe try going for a walk/stroll? Any type of exercise, even just a stroll helps release endorphins to feel better :) It's also really nice being out in the sun.

  3. adarkbloom
    adarkbloom  avatar
    12 posts
    27 May 2020 in reply to LC80


    i just came across your post and i extremely relate. ive been dealing severely with health anxiety for 2.5 months now and it's driving me to a really negative place. i've had a lot of symptoms ranging from shortness of breath to heart and chest pain to panic attacks- you name it. ive had scans and stuff done and everything is all clear but im still so paranoid and scared that something is wrong with me because i don't know why i feel like this. it could very well be anxiety triggered- i'm 19 and have had anxiety since i was 13. i exercise, am generally healthy, do yoga, brain games, read etc. i just want to feel okay and normal again because i don't remember what that feels like anymore because it has taken over my life and i've become obsessed and very stressed and paranoid with it, hence why the way i feel and my symptoms could be brought on by anxiety

    i hope you're managing to do okay


  4. LC80
    LC80 avatar
    17 posts
    30 May 2020 in reply to adarkbloom
    I wish I was 19 again and know what I know now. I lost my only sibling , my brother when I was 19. His death, he was only 16, started a downwards spiral for me that has had decades of ups and downs and a lot of people have been hurt over the years. All my fault. I have had thirty years of physical and mental health issues and I am just plain worn down from it all. The thing I must live with and manage, is that it will only get slowly worse. My wife, well sometimes the only person who truly understands is the person going through it all. Not everyone has the ability to be empathetic. Life is what it is. I wish it was better, but it will never be.
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  5. adarkbloom
    adarkbloom  avatar
    12 posts
    31 May 2020 in reply to LC80

    i am so sorry, i hope you're doing okay.

    my dad recently got diagnosed with brain cancer so it's really tough. i have never been that close with him but he is still in my life so it is difficult, along with dealing with an overload of anxiety all the time.

    thank you for taking the time to reply and i hope you're managing to do well. stay safe


  6. Buffy 2002
    Buffy 2002  avatar
    2 posts
    22 June 2020 in reply to LC80
    So sorry to hear this, anxiety about health is so underrated I feel like this website is a nice way to make us feel like we are not alone. And it's mind blowing to me how many of us suffer this. Sometimes I get so exhausted mentally from worrying so much about my health.
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