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Topic: Health anxiety in lockdown

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. loveyourself9
    loveyourself9 avatar
    3 posts
    18 September 2021

    I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder in 2019, my anxiety has turned into health anxiety, every physical symptom I've become afraid of. I don't know how to differentiate between normal bodily functions or if something is bad. My intrusive thoughts have gotten way worse.

    I got the first dose of the vaccine, and hearing the side effects and all these health related things has made me have this health anxiety. This talk happens literally every day and now it's just always in my head. Recently my dad showed me a video of this guy working out and said he died in his sleep, now I'm scared to fall asleep every day. I even exercised yesterday to help reduce my anxiety, but my brain always finds a way to believe the worst case scenario will happen.

    I've never seen a therapist because my dad is against it. I got a mental health plan referral in 2019 which took 6 months to get back to me, and when they did my dad said I didn't need it. I was crushed. However my sister saw a therapist in 2020 which helped her a lot, it makes me want to see one more because I've been battling this alone for so long.

    I always say I'm okay and put on this brave face because I don't want to worry anyone or make the situation worse. Next week I'm going to try and see my university counsellor for the first time to help with my issues, because I know I really need help.

    It's taken a lot for me to write this and come to term with all these thoughts that stay in my head all the time. Any help or reassurance that I can live through this is appreciated, I just want to feel okay again.

  2. Sophie_M
    Sophie_M avatar
    5944 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to loveyourself9

    Hey loveyourself9,

    Welcome to our friendly online community, we are so glad you decided to join us here. We know it can be hard to write the first post, so thank you for having the courage to do so. We're so sorry to hear that you're feeling quite low at the moment, but please know that you've come to safe, non-judgemental space to talk things through and our community is here to offer as much support, advice and conversation as you need.

    If you feel it may be helpful, you are always welcome to get in touch with Kids Help Line. They are a confidential and anonymous, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged 25 and under. We’d also welcome you to reach out to our Support Service, which is available 24/7 by phone on 1300 22 4636 or on Webchat 3pm-12am AEST on our website: www.beyondblue.org.au/getsupport.

    We hope that you keep checking back in and let us know how you are going when you feel up to it. We're all here for you.

  3. Petal22
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    1359 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to loveyourself9

    Hi loveyourself9,

    Wellcome to our forums!

    Thanks for reaching out 😊

    Sorry you are feeling this way I understand it’s difficult to deal with.

    I had severe anxiety OCD I also experienced this with my health it was a very difficult time for me, I seeked help from health professionals and I have now recovered! You CAN live through this …….. you CAN come through the other side of tunnel…….. You CAN live your best life after anxiety…… You CAN learn to manage it……. with the correct help….

    Please do this for you, no matter what your Dad says…. You know yourself and the help you will receive will help you in many aspects of your life…….

    My recovery started from seeing a gp we did a mental health plan together I was also put on a antidepressant to help me to manage my anxiety….. I saw a clinical phycologist and psychiatrist and did an 8 week group therapy this is we’re I learned to master my OCD…… I’m now flying!

    I did metacognitive therapy it was the best thing I ever did…… this therapy changed my life….

    Please go back to your gp and let your gp know how you are feeling and how anxiety is affecting your life…… you could do a mental health plan together…….. your plan should be instant once it’s done….. mine was…. Start your road to recovery….

    Ive written two threads

    Someone who had OCD and recovered


    Effective treatment for OCD Metacognitive Therapy….

    Im not saying you have OCD it’s something I was diagnosed with..

    Please chat to me anytime

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