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Topic: Health Anxiety is ruining my life

  1. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    10 July 2020 in reply to Meg_611

    And here I am again 😩

    I started a medication Tuesday. I started to get really jittery, nervous etc. I couldn’t sleep. Took the same dose Wednesday. Got even worse. Thursday I took a half dose. I started getting phantom smells of smoke and my right eye is a big blurry. Still jittery and nervous. didn’t take it today.

    Spoke to the doctor today to fill in a mental health plan. Told her I had stopped the meds. Didn’t mention the phantom smells, headache and vision and now I’ve convinced myself I have brain cancer. I am also waking up with pins and needles. All can be signs of brain cancer. I am so mentally exhausted from contantly going round in these circles.

    I hope everyone else is doing well. Especially those forced back into lockdown.

  2. Meg_611
    Meg_611 avatar
    22 posts
    11 July 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking

    Hi :)

    I tried anti- depressants once

    I took one tablet at night and the next morning I woke up completely wired and clenching my jaw I felt completely out of it! I didn’t take anymore! I am really sensitive to caffeine, sugar and medication!
    Do you find you are too?
    Perhaps you could get a new script for an even lower dose ? I’m sure there is a way to start smaller.
    Have you had a look at the book by Dr Claire Weekes yet? Honestly after feeling terrible for a year it has helped me tremendously.

    She talks about how we can so easily become trapped in a fear-adrenaline-fear cycle.
    Something happens one day we get scared our body releases adrenaline and we become trapped in this highly sensitised state. So the mental stress we are going through actually turns into real life physical symptoms but they are caused by the nervous system being all heightened and over-working.
    When I look back on the symptoms I had last year it was definitely this that was happening to me. I had a sore left eye that hurt when I looked upwards, brain zaps, weird muscles spasms, very sensitive hearing and easily startled, so many random things!
    I still had every test under the sun and it did help to put my mind at ease but then the symptom would just move to another part of my body!!! Wtf brain!

    i definitely recommend the book

    Get checked out if you need to. But for me, the waiting room anxiety I used to get before tests (Daunting tests like brain mri and heart ultrasounds) and then the waiting for the test results only compounded my anxiety and worsened my symptoms.

  3. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    11 July 2020 in reply to Meg_611

    I did take a quick look at the book. I’ll need to Download it and read it properly.

    The phantom smells are what scare me the most. I had them a few months ago paired with a headache that wouldn’t go away during a particularly bad stage of panic attacks and now they’re back. The fact that they only occur during stages of really bad anxiety should calm me but it doesn’t.

    I definitely got the jaw clenching with this medication. Was in a State of panic the whole time. I only took it for three days. Wonder how long till it wears off.

    I’m going to call and make and appointment with A psych on Monday. Hopefully they can do a Telecall as I’m in a fringe suburb and with lockdowns and checkpoints it’s a pain to go anywhere.

  4. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    18 July 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking

    Finally worked myself up to seeing a psych. I’m doing the ones that are fully covered as covid-19 has affected our finances. Missed their call because I was at work. She left a number. Turned out it was their fax. Called them back on my break. A man answered and seemed confused, put the phone down (not on hold) and started talking with someone else. Eventually came back and said they’d already made me an appointment but couldn’t tell me when as their computer was down. That already annoyed me. I work full time in a suburb an hour away. You can’t just give me an appointment. Said they’d call back and didn’t. I called two days later and they didn’t pick up but found out that they’re only open on days I can’t make anyway. I’ve lost all hope with this company but they already have my mental health plan.


  5. Meg_611
    Meg_611 avatar
    22 posts
    18 July 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking

    What a pain !! especially after feeling brave and doing it!

    you can change provider you just have to get your gp to send some form to the new psych. Or perhaps you can ring around to some and find out their opening hours and wait times and then get your gp to refer you to that one specifically

  6. Heart ♥
    Heart ♥  avatar
    7 posts
    19 July 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking

    Hi everyone - I am new here but reading some of these posts are like you guys are in my head. Long story as to how I got here but the long and short is that I am really super conscious of my health and how my heart behaves - and of late its started to really have an impact on my life. I have suffered from panic attacks in the past - but I think I have finally started to get a hold on those because I totally recognise the signs and know that the symptoms ARE panic related and not physical health. Mainly the feeling of "tingly gloves"...as soon as I feel my hands begin to tingle, I know its on and I know that if I just find somewhere to sit quietly and breathe deeply for a bit it WILL abate. When I first reported that symptom to my GP she did an MRI to test for MS - because I didn't even know what a panic attack WAS back then! It happens every time - and I have recovered every time so I know what it is - but it doesn't stop them from happening. I am 45 years old and pretty fit - I ride at least 120ks a week in and out of work and my husband and I will do additional big rides on the weekends when we can. Yet my resting pulse is mid 70's at best and the simple act of standing up and walking around the house can kick it up to 120 / 130. Even during sleep it doesn't get a rest. It pounds through my chest, neck, stomach - everywhere - I can't escape it so I always know its working too hard. I have had all the tests - everything looks fine and all the usual suspects for a high heart rate are confirmed ok so I am at a loss because I am sure this is not right. I have stopped riding because I am petrified that putting REAL pressure on my heart will be damaging it given how high it goes with hardly any exertion. Everything you read suggests that your heart rate is the best indictor of your health - and those with an elevated RHR are at risk for heart disease, stroke etc. The only suggestions are...exercise more to condition your heart - which is what I have been doing for god knows how long already and its just getting worse. I wish I knew how to switch it off....so I think its a real possibility that my stress levels over this are the cause behind it.

    It is a real comfort to know there are others out there that feel the same...and I really look forward to seeing further posts from you guys that show that things are improving. I think given we know what its like to be in this slump, we are probably the best people to share improvements and insights x

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  7. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    19 July 2020 in reply to Meg_611
    Thanks. I thought I’d be stuck. Might call my GP and see if I can change.
  8. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    19 July 2020 in reply to Heart ♥

    My heart is exactly the same. Had every tear under the sun TWICE and they says it’s fine and anxiety related. It actually got pretty good last year but this year I had to stop going to the gym due to returning to work full time and covid-19.

  9. Heart ♥
    Heart ♥  avatar
    7 posts
    19 July 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking
    Ok, I'm sure it's anxiety related then. I just need to work out how to get it under control. Just as I think I have a chance at it, now I've got this awful sour taste in my mouth that's been lingering for three days and makes me feel like throwing up 🙄🙄. Honestly it's just one thing at another....

    I really hope you can get your appointment soon AMMoverthinking. Keep us posted xx
  10. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    20 July 2020 in reply to Heart ♥

    Thank you. I’ve had the weird taste in my mouth too. Honestly if it wasn’t so all consuming and scary it would be funny. The symptoms vary so greatly and seem to never end.

    Last year when I was still able to go to the gym I did a lot of High Intensity classes and my heart was always fine. I held off a long time on doing it as I too was afraid my heart couldn’t take it.

    Last night I downloaded the eBook version of Living with It: A survivors Guide to Overcoming Panic and Anxiety. It has actually been really good and only an hour. I think I’ll listen to it a few more times before returning it. I’ve tried other books but they’ve been so long I haven’t had the chance to listen to them. As a full time working mum I don’t have that much time to listen to an eBook or read. Probably also part of my anxiety problem. Not having enough me time.

    have a great day everyone and stay positive.

  11. Heart ♥
    Heart ♥  avatar
    7 posts
    21 July 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking

    What kinds of things does the book suggest? Maybe I should give it a go...

    Bad taste is gone, but now I can't stop peeing and I haven't even drunk any water today. Thats definitely my nervous system giving me a kick up the butt right?? And I am FREEZING COLD all the time.

    You are so right - it would be comical to anyone else. But honestly, I do NOT go looking for this stuff. When I feel normal I feel AMAZING, so why on earth would I want to conjure up anything else...

    I hope you are feeling ok at the moment anyway....x

  12. Trixie A
    Trixie A avatar
    6 posts
    29 July 2020

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new here and am finding all of your posts really supportive - Thank you for sharing.

    Heath anxiety is something so real, exhausting and debilitating at the same time. I’m currently experiencing a few that I have a terminal illness, accompanied by the fear that I’m not going to see my daughter grow (she is 8 months). I had my first panic attack over the weekend - Hot flush, tingling in my arms and numbness on the left side of my face - CT and blood tests came back all ok. Over the last days, when stressed, I feel a little loss of sensation and what feels like weakness in the corner of my mouth, which of course fuels the fear and visions cycle of anxiety and worry.

    Has anyone experiences these symptoms?

    Thanks again everyone for sharing.

  13. Meg_611
    Meg_611 avatar
    22 posts
    16 August 2020 in reply to Trixie A
    How is everyone on this thread going?
  14. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    16 August 2020 in reply to Meg_611


    I feel like I’m doing okay but I’ve been having chronic headaches which I think may be migraines.

    Throbbing in my temples, sinus pain, runny nose, jaw pain, fatigue and my right eye feels funny.

    I feel like I’m not anxious and the book I mentioned above was really helpful but I know I am due to the cycle.

    I know I am stressed out of my tree though. I’m at a new school I hate, leading a team that does their own thing, now teaching from home and trying to manage the education of my own children all of that on top of being immunocompromised so I haven’t left my house in goodness knows how long and my normal anxiety.

    Beyond that I feel like I am doing okay. Just need to work these headaches out.

    I hope everyone else here is doing well.

    Oh and my mum mentioned to me the other day she was exactly the same when my siblings and I were little. She’d never told me that before.

  15. AMMoverthinking
    AMMoverthinking avatar
    23 posts
    17 August 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking

    Ah! I was doing okay until last night after scrolling through Facebook I say a Greys Anatomy clip where a chick had xyz symptoms ans they figured it was pancreatic cancer m so my brain instantly has that.

    So here is me rationalising it. I do have a pain that comes and goes in my upper abdomen but I have had it on and off for around 10 years now. I have has at least 2 ultrasounds on it.

    I do have a rash on my hand and my feet are a bit weird at the moment but my doctor said my toes where chilblains. My hands weren’t red yet so he didn’t check but I think these are chilblains too.

    I do get nauseous and diarrhoea but I’m pretty sure these are linked to my RA meds and anxiety.

    honestly I hate health anxiety.

    Whilst my partner is supportive he just doesn’t get it. He just says things ‘like you don’t have xyz’ to which I always think ... ‘but I might’ or he’ll say ‘stop googling’ which we all know we should but it’s so hard to stop.

    thanks for listening

  16. Heart ♥
    Heart ♥  avatar
    7 posts
    19 August 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking
    Hello! Just thought I would share my progress with you guys - its a long read but I hope it gives some hope. I was in a super bad place when I was posting to this thread a while back. Certain my heart was giving out because even though I am (was - have been too scared to exercise) really fit my resting pulse was high and I would get some stupid readings just getting up and walking across the room. Long story short, I had a raft of tests and a session with a cardiologist and he explained that my heart was just like a Ferrari - doesn't take much on the accelerator to kick it off - but for me this is ok and all is normal. I waltzed home on top of the world - thinking all my issues were solved - and was rudely hit with the WORST bout of insomnia I have ever known (and I have had 3 babies). Four nights in a row of less than 2 hours and I ended up having a full blown meltdown at the office - ambulance in attendance. It was like I was catatonic - a panic attack on steroids. The GP finally prescribed me a "z" drug just to get my eyes closed, but the hunt for the reason for the insomnia opened my eyes to how ridiculously powerful my mind is over everything. Even (especially) my common sense. In desperation I went to the naturopath to get my hormones tested - at my age its not a bad idea so no harm I thought. And what I saw in the results was incredible. My cortisol levels were through the roof. The graph stopped and my dot was about 2cm past the finish - literally off the chart. My body is in fight mode 100% of the time and my poor adrenals are shot to pieces - and that is linked to every single symptom I have - nausea, bad taste in mouth, dry mouth, anxiety, panic, racing heart, sleeplessness - the list goes on. And even though that is really bad and needs to be fixed - all of a sudden I have this one root cause to focus on and it honestly feels like the weight of the world is gone. Last night I had my first unassisted sleep in weeks. It wasn't fantastic - still woke multiple times, but it is a definite improvement. As my confidence that I am tackling this head on grows, the other symptoms are dropping like flies. Because they are not really there. Even though they feel as real as the day is long. My mind has NOT been my friend recently. But we are trying to make up - and so far she has been toeing the line and I can only hope that continues. So please don't give up hope you can break the cycle...we can do this xxxx
  17. toomuchthinking
    toomuchthinking  avatar
    1 posts
    25 August 2020 in reply to AMMoverthinking
    I google as well and find it hard to stop , I have a small light pink patch on my breast and its sore, however my period is due tomorrow and now im panicked and can't eat and can't function , I hate anxiety its shit !
  18. DresdenShuffle
    DresdenShuffle avatar
    2 posts
    26 August 2020 in reply to toomuchthinking
    I'm the same. I have GAD so I worry and get anxiety over everything, it's so much worse now though with this pandemic. It's gotten to the point where I can't even say the C word anymore without having anxiety. I turn the news over when anything about it comes on and if I have a slight twinge in my body or I have a headache from tension I google it and just freak out thinking I'm sick or dying. I was never like this before, my mental health was my priority but I never freaked out over headaches or the like, now it's a fixation and my life is horrible because of it. They recommend go to a doctor but I'm terrified to go outside because of the pandemic and because I'm terrified of what my gp might tell me. It's a vicious cycle of panic and worry.

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