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Topic: Health anxiety please help!!

7 posts, 0 answered
  1. Megz90
    Megz90 avatar
    1 posts
    20 September 2021

    I haven’t posted in here for a while. I suffer with bad heath anxiety, the last couple months ive have been getting facial flushes so i went onto google to try find what could be causing them and i came across something really bad and when i read it about it my anxiety just washed all over my body, i went to my GP the next day about it and she said she doesn’t think its that but she done some blood tests to try ease my anxiety, she called the other day with my results and its come back with high cortisol so she has now said she thinks i have something called Cushing’s syndrome, which has scared the absolute crap out of me.

    i am on medication to help but it isn’t working yet, every morning i wake up i can feel the anxiety wash over me.

    I can’t even leave the house, it’s impacting my whole life and I don’t know what to do.

    Please someone help me.

  2. Glenncoco88
    Glenncoco88 avatar
    14 posts
    21 September 2021 in reply to Megz90

    Hi there

    i can relate. I am suffering from healthy anxiety. My body is always tense and once I feel something to do with my body my mind goes straight to something with my heart. It’s hard but I’m finding meditation and breathing exercises help

  3. Tugboat
    Tugboat avatar
    32 posts
    21 September 2021 in reply to Megz90

    Hi Megz,

    what a bloody horrible thing to have. I have suffered health anxiety for 30+ years and I still have not found an answer on how to deal with it! I have tried many many councillors but unfortunately no help. My health anxiety only flairs up when I have pain anywhere in my body for more than a few days, then BOOM it hits me like a tonne of bricks. I struggle getting out of bed and cannot function a normal life, let alone work! I am suffering at the moment but have not yet gone to the GP as I am thinking it’s a muscular issue..... not sure sometimes how I get through the day. I am lucky to have a couple of support people to speak to ( I’m sure many people would think I’m crazy) . One thing I never ever do is google my symptoms as I would be out of control. Hopefully your medication will kick in soon.

    Take care 😘

  4. Positive_vibes89
    Community Champion
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    Positive_vibes89  avatar
    80 posts
    21 September 2021 in reply to Megz90

    Hello megz,

    Sounds like you are experiencing some anxiety around your potential diagnosis. When we dont know much about a medical condition it definately can cause all different thoughts and feelings. First, you have done a good thing by listening to your body and seeking a assessment from your GP. Do you feel that if you were provided with some information from your doctor about Cushing’s syndrome would that help you? Did they provide you with an information sheet after they perscribed you some medication? I think an idea would be to go see your pharmasist and ask them to print you out some information about cushing's syndrome for you to read through. As medical professionals can provide you with evidence based, correct informational resources that are more accurate. Some of the sources we find on google are not even written by health professionals, in which really can cause more un needed stress.

    I have felt in the past when my knowledge gaps have been filled, it does ease my anxiety because I understand what is going on with my body. I really hope this helps you and I do wish you all the best on the road to recovery.

  5. Pumpkinella
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    Pumpkinella avatar
    96 posts
    21 September 2021 in reply to Megz90

    Hi Megz90's,

    I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through right now. Sounds very distressing.

    It can be difficult to process the diagnosis initially and naturally to be anxious about what it all means.

    Remember to be compassionate with yourself and allow yourself to process this, do you have any self care activities that help you?

    I agree with Positive_vibes89, getting more information on the condition and the processes of treatment can really help with anxiety. Your mind focuses more on process rather than drifting and producing anxiety provoking thoughts and images.

    Remember you are not alone - doctors are there to support you. Do you have another appointment soon?

    Do you have a friend or family member to help you with other stressors as well at the moment?

    Here to chat


  6. jaz28
    Community Champion
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    jaz28 avatar
    132 posts
    22 September 2021 in reply to Megz90

    Hi Megz90,

    As someone with chronic illness, I have experienced anxiety over my health many times. Sometimes it is a good thing! In this case, it helped the doctor pick something up that you may not even know you had unless you had wanted to get checked. I know it can be debilitating though. A psychologist, such as a health psychologist, could help with that. Would you be open to that?

    And guess what - Cushing's syndrome is curable. Many people in the world, including me, have incurable (but manageable) conditions. That is damn scary, but we live full lives! So, I understand you are scared - a potential diagnosis is scary, no matter how big or small. I think what you are feeling is somewhat normal.

    Have you had other tests to prove the diagnosis? Cortisol is considered the stress hormone, so even it could be that your anxiety over your health has raised those levels? I think some more information would be beneficial to help you understand why and how your condition can be treated. Cushing's is hard to diagnose, from what I heard (it can be a long-term side effect of some of the medications used to treat my condition), so maybe ask for more testing?

    I think a psychologist would be a great place to start with to help. You can start by seeing your GP and discussing a mental health care plan.

    Here if you need,


  7. Petal22
    Community Champion
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    Petal22 avatar
    1168 posts
    22 September 2021 in reply to Megz90

    Hi Megz90,

    Sorry you are feeling this way, I understand health anxiety……. I also went through this…. I would get extreme anxiety over things I would think were wrong with me…. I’d obsess over it……. I’d go to the doctor and be told everything was ok but I’d still worry about it…. It was a never endless cycle…….

    I understand your gp thought it may be Cushing syndrome……. Ok maybe if your gp thought this I believe your gp shouldn’t have told you this unless your gp had a positive test for it…… because now you are left worrying about it……

    My never ending spiral of worrying became really severe in a time in my life I saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with OCD……… I have now recovered from this condition thanks to the professional help I received…. I no longer worry excessively over my health or other things I did metacognitive therapy this therapy changed my life….. my gp also put me on a antidepressant to help me to manage my anxiety……

    I understand you have medication if it’s an antidepressant they usually take 6 weeks to work fully……..

    I highly recommend you speak to your gp about Doing a mental health plan together this will enable you to see a psychologist who can help you with your health anxiety…….. I saw a clinical psychologist a clinical phycologist can diagnose a normal psychologist can’t….

    If you are googling symptoms please stop because it only makes thing worse I use to do this…. It learned it was a compulsion of mine……

    I have written two threads you may be interested in reading

    From someone who had OCD and recovered

    Effective treatment for OCD Metacognitive Therapy

    Im here to chat

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