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Topic: High anxiety panic disorder and then it leads to overthinking

4 posts, 1 answered
  1. cakeboss
    cakeboss avatar
    91 posts
    20 March 2020
    Hi have found these last few weeks a little challenging.The news everything is about this virus .I have used distraction music being great .I am just starting to think what if i loose my job with this virus outbreak what if i loose my house and finances .I have drs app tuesday and im trying hard to stay in the moment and dont think ahead .i overcatastrfy situations .I guess this is whats going on in the world right now and i pray it will get better .I live from week to week and yes i guess the whole world is worried for now .I will try swimming today i was told to try that and i have been for my mental health .I suffer anxiety panic disorder and on medications .I try mindfullness and my music whats other people use to distract .I reckon ive played Adam Lambert thousands of time up loud to try and relax hes been my saviour with his music .
  2. Bef
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Bef avatar
    4 posts
    20 March 2020 in reply to cakeboss

    Hi cakeboss

    I can definitely relate to feeling all the worries surrounding the virus, I have also found great comfort in music to keep me grounded and to find some joy and peace. Reading the forum on here called Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak has also been pretty helpful if you want to take a look at that as well. It's so easy right now to think of all the possible worse scenarios but I guess we can just try to be grateful for what we have now to enjoy and trust that hopefully soon everything will be back to normal and also to think of all the amazing support that is and will be available as the world tries to get through this together.

    Hope Adam Lambert continues to get you through this!

  3. Tinka01
    Tinka01 avatar
    2 posts
    24 March 2020 in reply to cakeboss

    Hi cakeboss,

    For me, I found limiting the consumption of news regarding the virus has been helping. I noticed that my anxiety is increasing if I keep my head around the news, as it is literally the first thing you see when turn on the TV, login to FB or Insta. Also, keep in touch with people (who energises me) has also helped to maintain that sense of connection.

  4. cakeboss
    cakeboss avatar
    91 posts
    3 April 2020 in reply to Tinka01

    Thankyou so much for your advice .Its always good to hear how other people cope during high anxiety panic disorder.Yes i still have my music up loud everyday .trying to keep busy doing things around the house i normally dont get time to do .Im the kind of person who when suffering high anxiety panic disorder have to have routine like going to work getting out of the house swimming .Since this virus has more restrictions on us all having to stay put at home its somtimes overwhelming isnt it .my fear yesterday was that i have been lucky to get 3 months of paying no mortgage but then there is a catch at the end of it our house payments go up .no one really knows wehn or how much and that set off my anxiety yesterday .im on jobsearch now waiting desperately for the double payment to survive .i have family and friends but im having good days and bad days .im trying to not be negitive as to when will i get my job back what if i loose my house i got bill etc .i had a melt down few days ago .im also trying to appeal for the second time for a dsp which had to be bought up again but yea day by day now .music is my saviour yes adam lambert and queen is all that gets played here .i saw them twice in concert .im in regular contact with my gp phone apps shes amazing support .i dont like being at home on my own during the day somtimes but its the way it is right now .i pray for the world that this virus stops soon .what other distractions do other people use

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