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Topic: How do I overcome a cycle of anxiety and depression

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  1. Bronsm76
    Bronsm76  avatar
    31 posts
    24 October 2020


    I have had a situation where I’m stuck between anxiety and depression. It’s either one or the other. At the moment it’s depression, which came on rather suddenly after weeks of being anxious about having panic attacks when I go out. The panic fear became so strong that I wound up very avoidant.

    Now I’m afraid that I’ll stay depressed. Is there a way to achieve harmony? My family is unsupportive and I have a gp and a psych that don’t really help. I take medication and have tried all of the therapies (well not all). I just can’t achieve balance and happiness and see a purpose. It’s such a lonely place.

  2. white knight
    Community Champion
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    white knight avatar
    8366 posts
    24 October 2020 in reply to Bronsm76

    Hi, welcome

    Similar to you I'd tried many things. That was around 1988. Then it was time for a plan, my own plan and it worked. The problem is it took a total of 22 years to eliminate anxiety but the journey along the way did give me much relief. It might or might not work for you though.

    Depression is a different story. I accepted I'd never eliminate it but I could try to mould it, choose the best time to grow out of the cycle and sometimes even avoid a cycle.

    The best thing I can do for you now is recommend a few threads I've written on these topics. You only need to read the first post of each thread. It's easy, just copy and paste in google or use the search bar above without the beyondblue and topic words.

    Beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it

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    Beyondblue topic depression- how do you fight it?

    I hope they help. Reply anytime.


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  3. Bronsm76
    Bronsm76  avatar
    31 posts
    24 October 2020 in reply to white knight

    Thank you so much for those links, White Knight, you have a wealth of knowledge and insights.

    It’s good to know that someone gets what I’m talking about.

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