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Topic: How to cope with panic attacks

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Madaleine
    Madaleine  avatar
    1 posts
    28 March 2021

    Hi guys,

    i just need some extra guidance on how to cope with severe panic attacks... they come and go in waves throughout a day or they might randomly happen on a random day.

    I need advice and strategies on how to cope with this as it’s so overwhelming and low key uncomfortable and terrifying.

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  2. EveC
    EveC avatar
    5 posts
    28 March 2021 in reply to Madaleine

    Hi Madaleine,

    This is my first post as well.

    I've had panic attacks for 20+ years and I still don't know!

    I've been through a really emotionally stressful couple of weeks and my nerves are raw. I can feel the anxiety coming on and I just hate it.

    There's something about them that makes you feel like they'll never end, you know?

    I've sat there analysing them and as you say, they're uncomfortable rather than painful. But I deal with physical pain better. I just cannot put my finger on this.

    Kind regards,

    Eve x

  3. sunnyl20
    Valued Contributor
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    sunnyl20 avatar
    203 posts
    29 March 2021 in reply to Madaleine

    Hi Madaleine,

    I'm really sorry to hear you are experiencing panic attacks. It sounds like they are very debilitating and scary for you.

    While they do not all work for everyone all of the time, it may be worth giving some of these strategies a chance (if you haven't already) to see if they help to reduce your distress: grounding techniques (Blue Knot has a great explanation here of grounding: https://www.blueknot.org.au/Survivors/Self-care/grounding, there are different ways to practise grounding), deep breathing exercises (focusing on SLOW, deep breaths to try to control your breathing can help decrease some of the symptoms of panic), muscle relaxation techniques (have a look at progressive muscle relaxation - there are some great YouTube clips too), and distraction techniques.

    If you feel that the panic attacks are having a significant effect on your ability to function (and it sounds like they are), I would really encourage you to see your GP or talk to a medical professional that you trust to get some support and advice with what you are going through.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out on the forums at any time. We are here to listen. Take care.

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  4. socialmoth
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    socialmoth avatar
    79 posts
    31 March 2021

    Hi Madaleine,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you have been going through this. Panic attacks are awful and can be quite difficult to manage without the right tools.

    Practicing meditation has really helped me with panic attacks. Being able to control my breathing and turn on my meditation app when I need to helps me to feel in control of the situation.

    I also have pre-prepared playlists of music and podcasts that I am easily able to switch on when I need. These are a great distraction in the moment and I pick songs or podcasts that I find a lot of comfort in.

    I do hope this and other posts help you with some ideas for managing your panic attacks when they happen. If you haven't already, I highly recommend speaking to a professional about what you're going through as eventually you'll need to get down to the root cause of your panic attacks and find ways to cope with triggers.

    Take care,


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