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Topic: I am exhausted

9 posts, 0 answered
  1. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    24 March 2020
    I feel like I am going nuts, and I'm so tired. I just want all of this to stop. I've always had issues with anxiety and stress. I had a family member pass away a month ago and I didn't handle it well. Then I started getting major anxiety about death, losing my husband, not having enough time for anything. Then one day all of a sudden I started getting pins and needles in my shoulders that traveled down my arms. It didn't dissapear. Since then I've had pins and needles in my hands and feet, but it's not always in the same spot. Sometimes it can be one arm. If it's not tingles it can burn or my fingers feel full/rubbery For the past 4 weeks I've basically been in panic mode. I'm only breathing shallow, yawning to breath, my heart goes quick and it makes my symptoms worse. I've got to a physio and doctor and they both think it's all anxiety. I dont have numbness or weakness etc. But because my anxiety is so bad I sometimes think I have weakness.
    I constantly keep going to worse case scenario. My doctor assures me I'm healthy. I am exhausted from my constant thoughts. I am trying everything to calm down, exercise mindfulness etc and I cannot seem to fully relax 😥 I just keep thinking this is the beginning of something bad. Has anybody else had similar physical symptoms for so long? How did you calm down? I've been given medication but I cannot rely on that. I keep getting these symptoms so cannot calm down.
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  2. mulder1010
    mulder1010 avatar
    5 posts
    24 March 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89
    Hang in there.
    I have a lot of the same feelings and symptoms. Hard thing is to believe that these things will pass. Your anxiety is just short.
    Stay positive
  3. Gelati
    Gelati avatar
    80 posts
    24 March 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89

    Hi Miss Jess :)

    I've had many of the same thoughts and sensations as you have - pins and needles, fearing loss of loved ones, panic, having to yawn a lot - and never being able to take a full deep satisfying breath, catastrophising, exhaustion, etc. I also sometimes get pains in my tummy and other places.

    Like you, I sought help from my doctor and took some medicine. I was in a bit of a tough situation like you, with never-ending thought cycles. Anxiety has a nasty habit of clinging onto anything it can. Grrr.

    It took some determination and effort on my part to make my way out of the situation. I have maintained a strong and regular connection with my GP and have been fully up front about any yucky feelings I have. If you keep a connection with your doctor and perhaps also have someone else you trust to talk to openly, you might find those thought cycles diminish in strength. And you'll gradually be able to apply other tools to maintain your wellbeing - for me, some aspects of 'mindfulness' and 'acceptance and commitment therapy' have really helped. But also some aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy. I tend to pick and choose from each - I don't find it all necessarily works for me.

    For me, I acknowledge that I am simply wired as a 'worrier' and will always need to closely monitor my anxiety and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But that's ok with me. It's made me the person I am today.

    When I was in the thick of it, I couldn't see myself ever getting out of my ruminations and isolation from the world. That was 7 years ago. I've had a few little set backs but I bounce back more easily and quickly each time.

    Sending you a great big virtual hug xo

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  4. Underwood
    Underwood avatar
    18 posts
    24 March 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89

    Hi there, please know you are not alone. I too, have experienced the pins and needles and other very scary symptoms. If your doctor is adamant you are healthy take some solace in that.

    It is unbelievable what anxiety can cause our bodies. I even went to neurologists convinced I had something like a brain tumour. I want to assure you, you are not alone. It will be ok.

    I hope you have a good support system and seek some extra help at this difficult time. You are so brave to ask for help. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but can be so pivotal in your recovery/management.

    For me, medication and therapy was my saving grace, however it’s a lifelong commitment. You can do this! You are not alone! My thoughts are with you.

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  5. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    25 March 2020
    Thanks everyone. I'm trying so hard not to think about it. I get the tingles/weakness more in my right hand and it's so noticeable so I continually keep panicking.

    I'm in the process of trying to find a physcologist to discuss my anxiety and going to see my doctor as I don't think my current medication helps at all.
  6. blondguy
    Life Member
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    blondguy avatar
    10789 posts
    28 March 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89

    Hi M1ssjess89

    You are proactive with your health and good on you!

    I used to get chronic symptoms of anxiety including not being able to leave my home....It was bad anxiety..ugh

    From what you have posted your symptoms do reflect anxiety jess. Your symptoms are just as important as mine or anyone elses for that matter

    Can I ask if you use Google as a diagnostic tool? The only reason I ask is because Google and anxiety dont work well together....We can often feel worse by using Google no matter the level of our anxiety

    Your GP is spot on saying you are healthy....as you are! The overthinking and symptoms you mentioned are very common...I really hope you can see your doc again. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so!

    You are not alone with these awful symptoms (feelings) Jess....any questions are always welcome :-)

    my kind thoughts


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  7. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    29 March 2020 in reply to blondguy
    Thanks so much for your post blondguy!!
    Yes I am REALLY bad at googling my symptoms. I'm trying so hard not to, but still do every now and then. So it's kinda like I'm looking for symptoms for major diseases. Like right now I think something is now wrong with my eyes. So anxiety is making that worse. It's just a horrible cycle.
    Thanks so much for confirming this is anxiety. I'm repeatedly telling myself it is... My brain just keeps telling me otherwise. I have so many random pains going on aswell.
    I see my doctor again tomorrow and I see my physcologist next week.
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  8. blondguy
    Life Member
    • Awarded by beyondblue for providing outstanding peer support to the online community over a period of 3+ years.
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    blondguy avatar
    10789 posts
    30 March 2020 in reply to M1ssjess89

    Hey jess89!

    Just seeing how you went with your doc if thats okay

    You are spot on as using Google can do more harm than good with our symptoms. Can I ask if you actually trust your GP? Just for myself I still only listen to my doc and use Google for music...movies and fun....There is way too much inaccurate info about mental health happening there

    I hope you have had a okay day :-)


  9. M1ssjess89
    M1ssjess89 avatar
    28 posts
    3 April 2020 in reply to blondguy
    Well we found I have a bulging disc in my neck so that would explain the pins and needles in my hand.... But doesn't explain the pins and needles in my legs or the feeling of crawling over my body randomly. I'm trying so hard to trust my doctor. The ct scan came back clear brain wise which is awesome.

    I am feeling a little calmer this week but I'm still getting random muscle twitches, my intestines hurt to touch etc... So I still panic abit. I'm focusing on every physical symptom it's so bad.

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