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Topic: In support of others in challenging times.

  1. Sleepy21
    Valued Contributor
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    Sleepy21 avatar
    1495 posts
    4 April 2020 in reply to Guest_9043

    Hi 2quik,

    How are you feeling?
    Shopping is very different now, I totally agree with you, and there's so many levels of stress to it. we are being put in situations we aren't used to and don't understand.

    I understand the not wanting to follow the news or hear too much about it, although that's hard that it's affecting your mental health to not be in contact as much... mental health is near impossible these days. such a challenge. I hope you are feeling okay and safe.... these times are truly testing

  2. Guest_9043
    Guest_9043 avatar
    226 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to Sleepy21
    Hi Sleepy,

    I am sorry I did not see this until now. I am simply just not coping anymore. I am so stressed, very ill. Nausea every day, a headache for the last two days, no energy at all, in a deep depression. Feeling tired and disinterested in most things. Just want to sleep most of the time. I feel safe, just definitely not OK. I am feeling also a lot of anger in regards to my childhood abuse and trauma. Keep your chin up as much as you are able.

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  3. monkey_magic
    monkey_magic avatar
    3433 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to Guest_9043
    Morning 2quik,

    Just wanted to touch base and say I relate to how you are feeling. I'm medicated and have side effects which is usually why I feel the way you do.

    These sure are testing times and I too am worried I'll fall into a depression with having to stay home everyday. Our whole world has changed. A lot to cope with.

    At least we can all feel crappy together.

    I'm sure that won't ease how u feel but I hope you can hang in there, until it's all over. And it will be over one day.
  4. Guest_9043
    Guest_9043 avatar
    226 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to monkey_magic
    Hi Monkey_Magic

    Like the name. A hilarious show. I do hope that you can stay out of depression. I miss going out so much, I do not like shopping though. It's never a nice experience anymore. Where I live depending on what time you go, you have to line up and they let one in when one goes out. Signs are everywhere and there are empty shelves too.

    It actually makes me very depressed and I just feel sad.

    It feels like I'm living in something that is hard to get used to and something I don't want to. I really do want it to be over soon.

    Hang in there.
  5. Doz86
    Community Champion
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    Doz86 avatar
    180 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to monkey_magic

    Hey Monkey Magic,

    Your name makes me smile!

    A lot that you said resonates with me also. You're not alone!

    One thing that I'm finding so helpful is FaceTime, have you used it in these different times? Its so great to connect and fun also.



  6. Doolhof
    Valued Contributor
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    Doolhof avatar
    8010 posts
    7 April 2020 in reply to Guest_9043

    Hi 2quik, Doz, Sleepy, Monkey_Magic and All,

    Life certainly is different these days isn't it!

    For those of you who are feeling increasingly depressed, stressed and anxious, please reach out for help where ever you can.

    Would you consider using the phone support services of Beyond Blue or Life Line for example? It can help to talk with someone.

    My husband went grocery shopping today, he said there were a lot more stressed out people in the shop than usual. He isn't all that observant and didn't see the new lines marked on the floor and a couple of staff told him off!

    Hoping you all find something that will make your day tomorrow a little brighter.

    Kind regards from Dools

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