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Topic: Intrusive thoughts

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. JacintaMarie
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    47 posts
    14 June 2020


    I can't sleep and my brain is thinking negative thoughts again, this time it's all the stupid things I've done at work, for example even though I know what I can lift and what I can't, I keep on lifting stuff or doing things a different way (things that don't have a procedure, of course) and people "go off" at me for lifting (due to osh) Then I get annoyed at myself for doing it, why, why! I try to say something positive about it but they just look at me as if I have two heads. This is what my brain is saying.

    No one at work seems to make any mistakes and even when I interpret something my brain seems to not get it and gets it wrong.

    I feel as if my common sense has gone and I can't do anything right and they think I'm stupid.

    And I'm being too self asorbed and this is wasting my life by worrying about it and I'm not enjoying my life or being grateful for what I have,

    And there are terrible things happening in the world and I'm still worrying about trivial things.

    Though it's 4:14am and the thoughts always come around this time.

    Thank you for allowing me to rant.

    It is frustrating, I want this to go, and when I am having an anxiety attack, I have to go through it, I can't seem to calm myself down, once I exhaust myself than I feel better and it finally leaves.

    Thank you

  2. therising
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    1402 posts
    14 June 2020 in reply to JacintaMarie

    Hi JacintaMarie

    Was having a conversation with someone just yesterday about common sense/s. Suggested to them 'What if our common senses are our natural senses, as opposed to the idea of what's logical'

    • Intuition: The voice in our head that says 'You shouldn't be lifting that box'. It's tough when we're in 2 minds about something. You know when one mind says 'You shouldn't be lifting that box' and the other mind says 'But it needs to be done. If I don't do it people will judge me in some way as not being efficient enough'. If we fear being judged, the ego mind will win out every time, as opposed to the intuitive
    • Natural reasoning: I'm saying something positive or reasonable to these people and they don't understand what I'm saying. Am I speaking a different language? Do we need an interpreter here? JM,try not to doubt yourself when this sort of thing happens. Some folk simply prefer to be right, as opposed to listening to what you have to say to them
    • Natural logic: When you have a natural sense of logic and something is set up without a natural sense of logic, it can be hard to navigate. In other words 'Why does a simple procedure have to be so complicated?' Give you a good example: While some people are naturally a human calculator in the way of math, most of us find math difficult to calculate. Let's get real here; you have various forms of math invented by some of the greatest minds in history and you then go on to teach disinterested young people highly complex equations invented by genius' in their field. It's easy to understand the struggle. These kids could have incredible natural logic in many other ways yet these ways are overlooked as some of them go on to sadly say 'I'm just stupid'. Crazy world, hey?
    • Natural reflection: Sounds like 4:14 could be your time for natural reflection. Reflection is a time when we try to make sense of things. It's how we evolve. A lot of self questioning in this process. 'What's wrong with me?' is a typical question. Helps to have the right answers. 'What's wrong with me?' could involve being in the wrong environment with not enough constructive guidance or being surrounded by thoughtless people. It could involve not being in a job you enjoy. We typically question our way toward change
    • Natural exhaustion: Venting. When our mind and body get worked up, we have to somehow vent the extreme energy that's generated. Venting is a work out, back to a state of relaxation

    You're a natural who has a lot of common sense/s :)

  3. JacintaMarie
    JacintaMarie avatar
    47 posts
    9 July 2020 in reply to therising
    Thanks therising, makes sense, & yes the early hours of the morning are a reflection time, I do feel better, I just wish I didn't have to exhaust myself to get it out.

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