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Topic: Is your Medication no more working?

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  1. alexg21
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    31 March 2021

    “Hello! I was prescribed medication for anxiety and depression. I started the first week taking less and moved to more on week two. I’ve been taking this medication for less than a month, but I already feel so much better. I would spend about 2-3 nights a week crying from worry and stress. I also suffer from PMDD and a week before my periods I would become extremely depressed. Since I started taking medication I haven’t had any crying spells, I’m much more calm, I am able to think clearly about things instead of becoming overwhelmed with stress. I also feel way more motivated in my daily life and I actually look forward to the future instead of being scared of it. The only side effects I experienced was a little bit of nausea and feeling tired (this lasted the first two weeks, but it’s gone now.) Everyone reacts differently to medication, so don’t let the bad reviews scare you!”

    Share with us what worked for you.


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  2. blondguy
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    31 March 2021 in reply to alexg21
    Hi AlexG21

    Welcome to our friendly forums and thankyou for the great thread too!

    You are proactive with your health. Nice 1. I was in denial about the severity of my own anxiety and refused meds for 13 years....oops

    I started a low dose of an SSRI afterwards and have never looked back. In conjunction with my GP the meds helped me build a solid platform on which I could heal effectively. Like yourself the acute anxiety has ceased..

    You are amazing alexg21

    My kind thoughts

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  3. socialmoth
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    79 posts
    31 March 2021

    Hi Alexg21,

    Thank you for sharing your story! It is really encouraging to hear how well you're going.

    While I experienced a bad reaction to medication for my anxiety, I really encourage everyone to have a chat to their GP about their options. I was lucky that through continued counseling I am able to manage my anxiety really well. I still have my moments but I've found what works for me.

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