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Topic: managing anxiety

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. unknowm315
    unknowm315 avatar
    2 posts
    18 May 2021

    This is my first time writing in a forum, but it's the only thing I can do. There's no one I can talk to.

    I've aways battled with anxiety, and tried so much to control it, but nothing works. But, lately, I don't know what's happening to me, it's as if my insecurities are taking over me, and stripping away the person I once was; and my anxiety is just getting worse. Sometimes I don't even recognise the person I am anymore. I don't think I'm enough, and that I'll never be good enough.

  2. tranzcrybe
    Valued Contributor
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    tranzcrybe avatar
    619 posts
    18 May 2021 in reply to unknowm315
    Hi there, glad to hear you speaking up and welcome aboard!
    You can talk to anyone and everyone here on the forum. I notice some interesting references you make in your opening comments: "don't think I'm enough" or "good enough". What do you envisage as being "enough" and to whom are you comparing yourself for wanting to be "good enough" for?
    You might like to work through these pointers to provide some tangible reference to your expectations - Are they real or even realistic? Do they actually matter? I hope you can find some things to ponder to help discover a pathway that suits you through further discussion with the many helpful members here at BB.
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  3. pinkandgrey
    pinkandgrey avatar
    13 posts
    19 May 2021 in reply to unknowm315
    Hi unknowm315

    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing such a difficult time, but also thank you for getting the courage to post your troubles. I'm going through a similar thing where my anxieties have started to interfere with my daily life, and I've been at a loss to figure out when and why they started to get out of hand. Have you tried to trace back to when your insecurities started to get worse, to see what may have tipped it over?

    I'm a fellow newbie with trying to manage anxiety, but I've found reaching out to people is a definitive first step, so kudos for doing so. I know you say there is no one you can talk to, but it does help to have someone you can have a face to face conversation with. Maybe look at the people around you and gauge if there is someone you trust enough to try to open up to. Otherwise even opening the conversation with a GP could help.

    And it seems like you're hearing the negative voices in your head, and they are hard to ignore. I've been trying meditation through apps like Headspace - it may not feel like much but if it can calm you even for a little bit it's worth a try. I hope that you continue to find support here in these forums.
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  4. Giraffe
    Giraffe avatar
    44 posts
    19 May 2021
    Hi and welcome. I too have anxiety and I’m seeing a psychologist. I’m finding it helpful.
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  5. unknowm315
    unknowm315 avatar
    2 posts
    20 May 2021
    thank you so much for all of your advice, i'm definitely going to try work through this
  6. tranzcrybe
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    tranzcrybe avatar
    619 posts
    20 May 2021 in reply to unknowm315
    That's the attitude, unknowm315! Drag yourself out of the mire and rediscover your true self. Do you have a plan or approach in mind? Perhaps to establish confidence to talk frankly with others without being governed by insecurity?

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