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Topic: Post Panic Attack Breathing Difficulties

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  1. Redd
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    18 July 2020

    Hi all.

    Around 5am on Monday I woke up to a sudden panic attack in my sleep and went to hospital completely unaware of what was going on (thought I was having a heart attack and shook so hard I couldn't walk).

    There was no signs of anything wrong with me and it was ruled down to panic, albeit inconclusive results. Ever since then, from the moment I wake up I am completely short of breath, tense in the chest and haven't been able to sleep in fear of having another attack.

    As I write this, I am absolutely exhausted but unable to fall asleep without receiving a sudden jolt as if I can't breathe. In fact, I think I've otherbreathed so much I've thrown my whole body out of wack and I don't know if practicing deep breathing has only made matters worse.

    I have never had anxiety or depression in my life. I'm as chipper as they come but, even when I'm in a good mood, I still can't shake this off. Every night I get the muscle spasms, cold sweating and insomnia, and I'm worried this will never go away or allow me to go back to living my life.

    Right now, I would just like to speak to someone who can tell me what I have and what I should do so I can at least know I'm doing the right thing. It's pretty terrifying to be left alone with this and worse what it means for the future.

  2. White Rose
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    18 July 2020 in reply to Redd

    Dear Redd

    Hello and welcome. Panic attacks are very scary even when you know what is happening. I used to wake at night with panic attacks and it was not pleasant.

    Have you talked to your GP about this? While it sounds like a panic attack and subsequent panic or fright in case it happens again, I cannot tell you because I am not a doctor. I think it's worth checking out properly and possibly taking some medication to get you back to normal, so to speak. I'm sure you are not keen on meds, who is, but it may help for the immediate short time to get you feeling good again.

    The more tense you get the more uncomfortable you feel and more worried. So it goes on in a never ending circle until you can break the cycle. Have you tried meditation at any time? I find once you can relax into it there are good results for anxiety. Yoga is another way of feeling better about your body. Going for a walk is good before bed but may not be the wisest thing to do.

    The biggest obstacle to getting good rest is yourself and fighting your fears. Going to bed and wondering how many times you will wake up before morning does not bode well for a good night's sleep.

    I hope some of my suggestions prove useful. Please continue to post in here for as long as you wish.


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  3. blondguy
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    18 July 2020 in reply to Redd

    Hello Redd

    welcome too and good on you for having the courage to post!

    I understand these horrible symptoms as I used to have them for a long time

    You mentioned that 'it was put down to panic' Can I ask who put 'it' down to panic? The only reason I ask is so we can provide better quality support if thats okay

    any questions are always welcome Redd! Please have a look at Annabays' thread below that has many people like us discussing anxiety symptoms..


    you are not alone

    my kind thoughts


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