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Topic: Seasonal Anxiety & Anxiety while Eating???

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Teah12
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    2 posts
    17 April 2020

    I was just wondering if anyone else suffers from seasonal anxiety? I know seasonal depression is a thing but I am not sure about anxiety.

    Also, I seem to get panic attacks while I'm eating, I have no idea why. I've never had any anxiety surrounding body image etc.


  2. jess334
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    395 posts
    18 April 2020 in reply to Teah12
    Hi Teah12,

    Thanks for posting about this.

    It reminds me of a few years ago when my brother thought he was having lots of panic attacks and mum convinced him to see a doctor.

    Turns out he was diagnosed with cold weather asthma. He thought it was anxiety at first because his cheat would get tight and his breathing felt off. The same as when he has a panic attack.

    Of course your panic might be different. Anxiety is sometimes caused by past triggers. Maybe worth talking to a counsellor to try and sort out why it gets worse during those seasons?

    I get panic attacks when eating too. For me it is because often when I am anxious I feel nauseated. And sometimes when I am eating I worry that I am going to get sick which in turn will make me feel more anxious! Often I have to distract myself while eating with a book or tv.

    Welcome to the forums,

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