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Topic: Second post anxiety

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. JacintaMarie
    JacintaMarie avatar
    47 posts
    9 June 2020

    Hi again

    This is my second post, my anxiety and negative thoughts are getting to me again and I'm so tired of having them,

    At work, I feel as though I annoy everyone, I constantly say the wrong thing!

    Writing this down makes me feel better and my head aches a little, thank you to all the threads, for showing that I'm not the only one.

    I'm not seeing a psychologist, I feel pathetic and I should be feeling grateful for what I have. I haven't had anything bad happen to me, I'm afraid people will think I'm making if up.

    Thank you for reading, this has made me feel better.

  2. White Rose
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    White Rose avatar
    6313 posts
    9 June 2020 in reply to JacintaMarie

    Dear JacintaMarie

    Hello and welcome to the forum. In spite of your anxiety you have managed to post here. Congratulations.

    One of the bad things about anxiety is the way it makes us feel. You feel pathetic and ungrateful which is not good as you are far from pathetic. Others do have problems, sometimes quite horrendous, but this does not mean you are not worthwhile. Anxiety does not necessarily come from having bad things happen. Mostly we are anxious because this is the way we are.

    There is the perception 'out there' that anyone with a mental illness should get themselves together and snap out of it. Mental illness is real and hard to live with. No one wants to be unwell and neither do they make up stories of this sort. Please believe me. You are coping with anxiety and have asked for help. That is being genuinely proactive. So thank you for posting.

    Other will be along to chat to you soon. I am glad you felt better after writing in. It is good to keep a journal of sorts where you can say what you want and how you feel. Do not keep going back and re-reading, or at least not for some time. Reading about your negative feelings can reinforce them. Writing gives you to freedom to to say how you feel no matter how good or bad that is. Reading your words down the track sometime later can show you where you were and how far you have come.

    Beyondblue is here to help and support you on this journey, and it is a journey. No shortcuts I am sorry to say but not necessarily a long journey. I hope you will continue to post here.

    Remember you are a worthwhile person who is struggling with some difficulties at the moment. Comments from your colleagues do not mean you are a nuisance. It is the way you are seeing the remarks. Every time you think you have said the wrong thing can you stop and ask yourself if it's reasonable. We all say the wrong thing at times. I feel you are so anxious that you jump to this conclusion without hesitation probably before the other person has spoken.

    Do you believe it would help to see a psychologist? Why not have a discussion with your GP about this? Make a list of all that is happening in your life and take it to the appointment. Put in the good things as well as the not so good.


  3. josh1245
    josh1245 avatar
    173 posts
    9 June 2020 in reply to JacintaMarie

    hey Jacintamarie I would like to welcome you to this wonderful online community and would like to applaud you for your incredible strength and courage in asking for help its something that you should be very proud of. I'm really sorry that you are currently going through this really tough time but everyone in the beyondblue community is here to support you everyway we can. firstly I would like to state that its not pathetic that you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious remember its okay not to be okay. you are not alone beyondblue was formed to help support people experiencing mental health issues like I have experienced and what you are currently experiencing. I highly recommend that you go to your gp and talk about what you are currently going through and them refer you to a qualified professional.

    we are all here to help support you through this journey.

    best regards josh

  4. JacintaMarie
    JacintaMarie avatar
    47 posts
    9 July 2020 in reply to josh1245
    Hi Josh, thanks for that.
  5. JacintaMarie
    JacintaMarie avatar
    47 posts
    9 July 2020 in reply to White Rose
    Hi Mary, thanks for that, I'm thinking about it

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