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Topic: Severe Health Anxiety

  1. Mae83
    Mae83 avatar
    3 posts
    27 May 2017 in reply to cakeboss

    Hi Cakeboss,

    Thanks so much for the advice! I saw an ophthalmologist on Monday and he said everything looked normal, so hopefully eye pain is just sinuses or something simple like that.

    Good luck with your own health concerns and anxiety. It seems like you take a wise approach to these things :)

  2. rmcg
    rmcg avatar
    6 posts
    30 May 2017 in reply to Mae83

    Hi Mae,

    MRI came back clear, small mucus cyst in right sinus. i felt so stressed for two days until I got the results. Went to optometrist too, slight trouble focusing so maybe eye fatigue. Then I started to get better, now today I'm worrying about bowel cancer again! Back to the doctor tomorrow, I'm thinking it may be time for medication. I can't keep putting myself through this! I'm a mess!

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  3. Mr Walker
    Mr Walker avatar
    70 posts
    30 May 2017 in reply to Sieraphin

    Wow, this thread strikes so many chords - with so many of us! I used to worry there was something wrong with my heart and that I was about to die - had ECG,s MRI's - was DIAGNOSED with Pericarditis which further tests showed I didn't have!

    But I specifically wanted to answer Sieraphin's question - yes I DID find out what was causing my anxiety (which sometimes focussed on my health but was mostly around social situations).

    I won't hijack the thread with the long story but after a year or so of therapy I realized what seems blindingly obvious now! I think it's hard to discover the causes of the anxiety until the symptoms are mostly under control - it's just too hard to be objective and think clearly if you know what I mean?

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  4. rational_thinker
    rational_thinker avatar
    9 posts
    7 June 2017 in reply to Mr Walker

    I had what experts considered a low/no risk exposure but became terrified that I got HIV. I would compulsively search the internet which helped me feel better but I eventually became even more anxious and obsessed. I would call the hotlines all the time asking the similar questions and eventually became friends with some of the nurses.

    All of that worrying caused my life to go downhill that it felt hopeless, it was as if the fear was even worse than the disease. Eventually I got tested and the results were negative but it just brought me a little bit of temporary relief and then I would get back into the same pattern. It became hard to accept the results. My self esteem is so low and sometimes I feel so pessimistic that I almost expect for something terrible to happen to me.

    I just completed my final HIV test at 3 months which was also negative and the official policy is that it is conclusive and you don't have it. But predictably, after feeling a few days of relief I started worrying again, wondering 'what if'? The strategy I devised to cope with it is to look at my test results, or look at a picture of a full house MCG (which is a visual representation of the true odds of HIV and other terrible illnesses). Sometimes it helps to read posts from other frightened people with health anxiety and realise how similar our thinking is.

    I think we tend to get overly fixated on specific low risk threats. Instead we should have a more general focus, and this can be done with blood tests measuring blood sugar, immunity, inflammation. Apparently they will be able to detect cancer from these tests sometime in the future. We need to accept that in life there is some minute risk of horrible illnesses and incidents like terrorism but avoid the compulsions and obsessions that stop us making the most of the time that we have.

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  5. Bear17
    Bear17 avatar
    1 posts
    13 June 2017


    Where to begin. I am not someone who had depression or anxiety really. I had what I call healthy anxiety, that is I would worry about things that should be worried about and so this drove me to fix things.

    Within the space of a couple of years one of my older brothers died of lung cancer. Then I ended up in hospital with a septic infection which I didnt go to the doctor about until it was nearly too late. Ended up having major surgery and it was pretty stressful. Then my father died. Not long after this I developed afib and going through public health it took months for all my tests to be done and I had a number of episodes that put me in hospital. This was so bad from a stressful point of view that I didnt know if I was going to kick the bucket or not. I ended up having surgery and it was fixed. During this time I used another brother to confide in about my issues and talk it over with him. After I was fixed he ended up getting cancer and died at an early age.

    Added to this was my wife getting sick and needing surgery to rule out cancer and during her pregnancy we had a false positive to a virus which can effect the baby in utero and we had tons of stress and tests to go through over it.

    All of this happened in a three year window.

    I have since developed health anxiety which has drained me for the next three years after that.

    I thought I was having a stroke, angina, cancer, amongst others. However the worst has been the light headed and foggy head that I have had for nearly 3 years. Sometimes when I forget about it it isnt so obvious, but I am always thinking about it, so I have it. I have had an MRI scan done of my head due to it. I showed nothing. Now I have anxiety not just for myself but my family as well.

    I can go through periods of months where it doesnt effect me, but its always in the background waiting the new health scare to react to.

    The power the mind has over your body is incredible. I have learnt that my mind can create headaches, aches and pains, and nearly every symptom you can come up with.

    It can destroy you.

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  6. Ebondi85
    Ebondi85 avatar
    1 posts
    12 July 2017 in reply to Joey7

    Reading this thread has given me so much comfort.

    ive always had anxiety but this year my mother was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer and it's really done my head in.

    I have had a colonoscopy, ovary scans, breast scans, abdomen scans, liver function blood test and every thing has been fine.

    i went vegan in an attempt to reduce the risk of bowel cancer and in doing so I've developed petechiae rash all over my body. It's like burst blood vessels.

    i know that the reasonable explanation is a vitamin b12 deficiency but after googling I've seen that it can be leukaemia which is of course what I am fixating on.

    waiting for test results is torture.

    whenever I get treatment for something I then start worrying about what other diseases can be caused by the treatment.

    i also feel like I have totally lost faith/trust in doctors and feel like they only offer band aid solutions instead of treating the cause of illnesses.

    Has anyone else experienced this with medical professionals?

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  7. Rea27
    Rea27 avatar
    1 posts
    19 July 2017 in reply to Ukgirl


    I too have had a lot of skin checks in the last 2months. If had 3 moles cut out ( one mole a really had some growth growing off it ) but was told it benign even then I insist it gets cut out. Pathologist results say normal.. so why do I question them thinking they didn't cut the wholeskin lesion out and cancer is there.. gahhh it drives me nut!!

  8. Anxietyqueen
    Anxietyqueen avatar
    1 posts
    26 August 2017

    Hello everyone ,

    Im Jane ,30 years old and have had health anxiety for about 5 years. As much comfort as I have gotten from reading everyone's posts, I am so sorry you're all going through this 😔

    For me, anxiety started when my daughter was 2. My first attack was when I was watching tv with my family and had a strange pain in my head , this feeling came over me and I was just convinced I had a brain tumour . For a month straight I was freaking out , couldn't sleep lost 25 kg ( bonus lol ) I drove myself to the hospital twice telling them I was dying . It's horrible and I'm so sick of it . I use to be bad and google everything , but now I realise you could type in "hangnail" and somewhere down the line it will tell you that's a symptom of cancer .

    My anxiety seems to come in waves now . And I'm going through a rough time at the moment .

    I get anxiety symptoms like the numbness, sweating, nauseas , head aches, sore neck, strange sensations in my head , dots in my eyes. And just when I know that they are all anxiety related , my body changes them on me and I get different ones .

    I've been on medication (I do believe it helps me) but recently stopped because I hate feeling like a zombie . I have other medication for when I need it .

    Something I recommend is going to the dr and getting s full blood test. When it comes back clear , whenever s thought pops into your head , you can remember that nothing showed in your test so it's just anxiety . That's helped me so much and my family reassure and remind me that if there was something terribly wrong , it would show in the blood test .

    I hope you're all anxiety free today and enjoying your day


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  9. KMTE
    KMTE avatar
    87 posts
    26 August 2017 in reply to Anxietyqueen
    Hi anxiety queen do you find the medication to make you feel like a zombie? In what way? I've just been diagnosed with health anxiety amongst other things that has lead to depression and I am about to start a new lot of meds Monday (the first lot I tried didn't work well for me). I just really need some light at the end of the tunnel because some days are a real struggle and I have a young family which can sometimes make it harder
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  10. cakeboss
    cakeboss avatar
    91 posts
    1 September 2017 in reply to Joey7
    Hi i know the feeling of health anxiety.I recently went through some major financial stress .Being a suffer of anxiety already ,well anxiety was back.This went on for months to all my problems where sorted.Ive got support network and was so scared of falling apart.I have a counciler tried the relaxation tapes which i still find hard to concentrate with.I am on medication but still it is there.I went to a psycitrist one month ago fantastic understanding dr.I was that bad any slight sickness same as you would think is it cancer and major panic attacks.Ive been told going to take few months for the stress of all this finace thing to get back on track .IT can get to you on certain days cant it .I manage to work and been told go for distraction and i just take a day at a time at moment.Ive had some great days and then its back as i wake .Music is my saviour at the moment and walking but yea pray for the day no anxiety at all .Try and do things that make you feel happy it does help .I totally understand what you are going through .
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  11. C80
    C80 avatar
    2 posts
    2 September 2017

    Hi guy's and girls,

    Ahh the lovely little alien in our heads that control our thoughts relating to our health! I have also been through it all! CT scan after I suffered over a year with a constant hangover which developed post vertigo, which turned out to be chronic sinusitis AND anxiety.. because the symptoms continued after a week or relief when I realised I was clear from tumors etc.

    Currently I am battling my thoughts about a lack of fitness, shortness of breath and a sore upper back because I am convinced its bad news for my lungs.. GP didn't even want to let me get an x-ray because he thinks it is all muscular and so on.. full blood test coming up and if nothing shows I will ask about x-ray again just to get some relief.

    The worst and I guess most amazing part of health anxiety is you can have a few symptoms then when you make the mistake of using google etc you get sucked into a downward spiral of anxiety and begin to manifest all the other symptoms of the illness you are convinced you have! Which sets the tone for more and more suffering. It really is a poisonous mistress..

    I started off as mentioned above with shortness of breath, back pain and lack of fitness.. elevated heart rate etc now I have a mild cough, a slight fever and my head is swirling.. oh and a post nasal drip that I never noticed before. The worst part is in my mind it will only release me once I am certain I am in the clear.

    I have always been adverse to medication and the ones that I reluctantly tried have all been horrible (turning me into a zombie like creature). Now I am at the point where I want to try meds again so I can find some reprieve.

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  12. KMTE
    KMTE avatar
    87 posts
    3 September 2017 in reply to C80
    I have health anxiety too and ocd which has lead to depression. I put off medication for so long but it got so bad ive just started anti depressants along with counseling. I'm on day 7 the last week has been a bit rough but apparently it all settles down after a week or two. What I've found makes me feel better is I check in with my doctor once a week until the medication has really started to settle in and work (4-6 weeks) and I find that really reassuring. He just has a chat and gives me a general check up as I have anxiety about all the possible side effects. I hope I don't start feeling like a zombie!! Good luck!
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  13. All Is Well
    All Is Well avatar
    2 posts
    4 September 2017

    I, too, experience severe health anxiety which I believe emanates from a fear of leaving my young son without a mother. I've been experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms for the last 5 years. My tongue is swollen as I write this; however I'm feeling more positive than anxious today.

    I recently saw an allergy specialist who gave me a very interesting insight: When the body is inflamed and the immune system is on alert, the emotions are too. If the body is calm and balanced, so are the emotions. For the first time, I realised my anxiety is an effect and not a cause. Blood and allergy tests showed my body to be in the midst of a fierce fight against - well - pretty much everything at the moment.

    My intention is now to pursue activities that calm and soothe the body: gentle foods, gentle exercise and gentle meditation.

    One of my favourite quotes is that "Action is the anecdote to despair." When I'm anxious, I refer to my list of the calming, soothing actions I can take and I choose one. Physical movement is especially soothing to me - the kind of movement that requires me to concentrate, such as yoga or qi gong.

    Having that list taped on the wall or mirror where I can see it - and even inside my phone should I reach for Google (BIG mistake) - is so important when I'm having a panic attack and can't think. Seeing my list reminds me that there is action I can take to ease my despair. I hope these insights help you, too!

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  14. All Is Well
    All Is Well avatar
    2 posts
    4 September 2017 in reply to Bear17
    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can relate to your anxiety and also that feeling of being foggy and light headed. As I read your post, I wonder if perhaps you share my habit of shallow breathing? I also find I unconsciously hold my shoulders up high and forward (classic fight-or-flight/anxiety pose). I've been reminded of the importance of relaxing my shoulders and breathing properly. There are lots of articles and videos to help. Sending you lots of good wishes.
  15. Fox15
    Fox15 avatar
    2 posts
    20 September 2017 in reply to rmcg

    Hi there,

    so glad I just found this forum. I have suffered from health anxiety for at least 20 years. Has become so severe in the last 2 years that my friends and family are fed up with hearing all my new sicknesses that I have. The symptoms are so real to me though that I need to get them checked out so I can put them to rest and then move on to the next illness lol.

    I also have a family history of brain aneurysms so I'm convinced that I have one too or if it's not that I must have a brain tumour. It's a constant fear that I think about all day long. Any type of pain that I get in my head I sit and wait to collapse. I'm too scared to get an MRI though so I just make myself sick with worry all day everyday and then stress about all the physical symptoms I get from the constant worrying. It's a vicious cycle and it takes over my life and stops me from being totally carefree and happy.

    I also worry about my kids health and worry that they will become like me.

    I'm about to start seeing a psychologist so I'm hoping that will help.

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  16. KMTE
    KMTE avatar
    87 posts
    21 September 2017 in reply to Fox15
    You sound exactly like me! I have spent so much money on tests and scans for me ever changing symptoms! I've just started a really low dose ad and have been doing the head space apps for weeks and seeing a mental health nurse. The bad days are getting fewer at first it was constant everyday. Here if you would like to chat!
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  17. cakeboss
    cakeboss avatar
    91 posts
    25 September 2017 in reply to KMTE

    Hi there finally i see someone else with simlar symptoms.I to suffer anxiety panic attacks.If i have the slightest thing wrong me i get into a panic and think the worst even before the drs appointment.I just rang my couciler to get in as the gp said this morning my anxiety has gone way ahead of me in the fact that im thinking things are going to happen that havent happened yet .I have been nauseated most of the days recently so over it .Gp said this morning that the nausea is making my anxiety worse and im waiting to see psycitrist in 4 weeks.I hope to get back in to counciling this week .Im off to the gp for the drop of a hat but its because i know my anxiety is out of control at the moment .I am trying to distract myself and yea pray it settles soon love to hear back from anyone who cant eat when anxiety is bad thanks cheers

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  18. Perception
    Perception avatar
    1 posts
    1 October 2017


    I am another person who sufferes from Health Anxiety.

    Similar story, no problems with it and then over a period of a few years alot of things went wrong health wise for myself and family.

    Since then I have developed a pretty bad case of Health Anxiety.

    Any feeling or sensation that pokes its head up I think about and monitor, to the extent that I fixaite on them and worry. I then start to google and of course the worst case always comes up in results and then thats a thought I cant get.out of my head.

    I would estimate that when I awake and and alone or day dreaming I spend 90% of my time thinking about it. It has gotten out of control, and starting to effect my wellbeing. It also now has me thinking about my son and wifes health as well.

    I then dont know if I end up giving myself these pains and sensations in my head now, or if they are real and need to checked out.

    Another issue is that once you go to your Doctor about your health anxiety, they tend to doubt your symptons and I think they dont take you seriously as they would someone who hasnt reported their anxiety.

    It got to the point where I started using OTC painkillers to numb the thoughts and deal with it. Well know I have come off them a week ago I am of course going through withdrawl symptons such as stomach pains and cramps and this has given me a whole host of new things to worry about and google. Another thing that happens when you detox is your anxiety increases and depression can start.

    I just want to get happy and healthy.

    Thanks for the listen.

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  19. Fox15
    Fox15 avatar
    2 posts
    1 October 2017 in reply to KMTE
    I've had the headspace app for months and have never used it. I will definitely give that a try and see if it helps.
  20. td19
    td19 avatar
    2 posts
    4 October 2017 in reply to Fox15

    Hi everyone

    I didn’t know such a thing as health anxiety existed until I read though this thread.... the ironic thing is I’ve (only recently) become a constant googler of symptoms across the last 12-18 months, stumbling across this thread due to googling ‘why can’t I stop googling symptoms’.
    Across said 12-18 months I’ve convinced myself at stages that I’ve had bowel cancer, kidney stones, peptic ulcer, hemmiroids, digestion problems, chest infections and one day I had to leave work as I suspected and convinced myself I was having a heart attack... all the while sitting at my desk googling symptoms of heart attack and putting myself in more and more of a panic. Generally after one to two days I realise I’m ok and life in my head returns to normal until the next minor ailment needs a google search. Through self talk I managed to stop this investigation of symptoms for a while but have re commenced with avengance making up for lost time thus again throwing me into panic and fear.
    I do understand there is some sort of deeper issue in play where I can control for awhile but then just can’t help myself even though I know it’s wrong. I’ve reached a point where I have decent amounts of money saved and put aside to spend on house renovations but I am gun shy to spend it as I think I might need it for large medical expenses and I don’t want to burden my partner of family with these expenses.
    I briefly spoke to my partner saying I feel quiet anxious which I feel was a first step, I didn’t mention it due to being embarrassed about googling health symptoms but I will tell her I just needed that first step... telling her alleviated some anxiety as has writing this all down.
    I guess at the end of the day I’m not looking for advice or solutions I just wanted to share my story as talking to similar minded people always helps.

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  21. Sick Lizzy
    Sick Lizzy avatar
    6 posts
    11 October 2017
    Hi everyone

    I'm 25 and have suffered from health anxiety for about the last 3 years, it only became a problem in about the last year when I moved cities. I guess the big life change must have stirred something up and now I am quite anxious about various diseases and syndromes that I think I may have pretty much all of the time at the back of my mind. I am seeing a psychologist, and have started medication (which i'm not sure is very helpful) and have been able to figure out the root of the problem. My mother has been sick for as long as I can remember because of her eating disorder and now that she is in her 60s, her health is physically deteriorating very fast. This has been very painful to watch. Anyway recently I have started to develop real pain and sensations associated with whatever illness I think I might have. About 5 months ago i started to get pain in my teeth and gums just after I broke up with my boyfriend. I went to the dentist who told me nothing was wrong and that the pain would go away. When it didnt I went back and saw a different dentist who also gave my teeth the all clear. So i saw another dentist who said the same thing. I then went to the doctor who sent me for an xray and a lot of tests and still nothing could be found. I was relieved for a little while that there wasn't anything obvious causing the pain but then I started to worry more that it must be something really sinister and serious if no one can tell me what its caused by. I went back to the doctor this week and again he told me he thinks its just a symptom of anxiety. My question is this, is it really possible that this very real pain in my teeth and gums can just be all in my head? If it is then am i supposed to just live my life with this pain every day now? Has anyone else experienced something like this? I feel like such a freak and very alone when I try to explain this to other people as most of the physical symptoms of anxiety are things other people can relate to, teeth pain is just so strange. Its also frightening because I am still worried that any day now my teeth will just fall out from the pain.

    Thanks for reading
  22. azarrah
    azarrah avatar
    50 posts
    11 October 2017 in reply to Sick Lizzy

    Hi Lizzy, you can definitely feel physically ill from anxiety. It took me several months to come to terms with that. Lots of people here on the board have written about their specific symptoms, and there's quite a range. The way anxiety presents itself is unique to every person.

    Think about it this way - when there's something conventional that you're afraid of (like giving a speech, or a spider, or heights, or whatever), you feel your stomach drop. Your skin goes cold. You might get a bit shaky. You feel your heart speed up, and you breathe faster. Anxiousness of any kind stimulates chemicals like adrenaline, and they do have a physical effect on how you're feeling. If you're sad about something, you might feel really heavy, your stomach might hurt - if you're happy, you could have a lot of energy and feel like you're buzzing. All of your emotions can have physical effects!

    Anxiety is the same way. Your mind has an extraordinary amount of control over your body. You know how if someone says that they thought they saw a bug fall on your head, you'll start to feel the bug there, even if it's not? It's the same way with health anxiety. You convince yourself (subconsciously, even) that something is wrong, so then you start looking for something to be wrong. So, naturally, you find something, and fixate on it, and the more you are fixated on it, the more "real" it feels.

    I've learned that my anxiety makes me very dizzy, foggy, lightheaded, and unbalanced. I'm not sure what the explanation is, but I know that those signs are a warning that anxious feelings are approaching. I can't explain it fully - I suspect it has something to do with adrenaline? - but like I said, minds are powerful. It's very possible for your mind to create such real sensations as achy teeth and gums.

    I hope this makes you feel a bit better :)

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  23. cakeboss
    cakeboss avatar
    91 posts
    15 October 2017 in reply to azarrah
    Hi know the feeling reading some of these new posts.I have good days and bad days at the moment and are on weekly visits with my gp to get medication adjusted for anxiety panic attacks.I didnt have a good week last week but by the end of the week seemed to settle down .ive come to realise that my anxiety is its worst as i just wake up .it makes me nausea and think about things .I start to think if im feeling bit off that ive got somthing wrong me and think ive got certain ilnessess.I know for sure i have health anxiety .I trying so hard not to be so hard on myself and trying to keep busy and distract myself .I am currently waiting for my medication to see if going up in it has helped.I am having couciling aswell to stop irrational thinking.I am having a good day today and im so happy but yea hope my anxiety dosnt flair up again
  24. Georgina13
    Georgina13 avatar
    3 posts
    21 October 2017 in reply to Fox15
    I used The Headspace app for a year. It was great...but then I discovered the Insight Timer app which is just wonderful ...and free. Give it a try 😊
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  25. Hopeful21
    Hopeful21 avatar
    1 posts
    26 October 2017

    If I'm being honest with myself and everyone else, I've had health anxiety for 5 or 6 years. Mostly I function fine. However I recently aggravated a back injury which gives me nerve pain. Adding to that I now have some leaking urine when I move sometimes and cough. The physio and doctor tell me it's just "stress incontinence." Is that even a thing? I feel like no one is taking me seriously simply because I wear the anxiety label. My fear is that the bladder nerve is compromised because of the back issue, although apparently I would be totally incontinent. An MRI ruled this out but since them I have done further damage to my back. I am scared. It feels like this is never going to get better, despite me trying to do helpful things. I just want this to go away so I can go back to being me and not have fear constantly with me.

  26. Sick Lizzy
    Sick Lizzy avatar
    6 posts
    19 November 2017

    Hey fellow health anxiety sufferers

    I have had health anxiety since i was a young child, I've always been very afraid of diseases from the past like polio and the plague and would have nightmares about contracting some sort of medieval communicable disease. As I got older I became more obsessed with being really healthy so I could avoid any sort of lifestyle induced disease. I get very distressed and anxious when I have something as innocuous as the common cold because i can quickly convince myself that its something much more serious and I there's a possibility I will die from it. When I have something a little bit more serious like tonsilitis or a UTI I am basically a wreck who can't function. I also worry about developing other mental illnesses In the past few weeks alone I have been worried about HIV, other auto immune diseases, liver failure, bi polar, chlamydia, skin cancer, lung cancer and as of last night the plague.

    I just moved to a new house in Sydney a couple of days ago and my housemate has a cat who currently has fleas. I think I've gotten a couple of flea bites and all day I have been terrified that I will catch something from the fleas like the plague. I know that sounds very ridiculous but my mind has a way of convincing me that if there is even a slight possibility of the plague coming to Sydney I will definitely get it and die a very slow and disgusting death. I feel really stupid even typing this as I've already spoken to a few friends about it who tell me I am being completely ridiculous but the fear is so real to me.

    I'm hoping a few of you may understand and offer some reassurance. Health anxiety is so awful to live with because you feel as though you are constantly under attack and a prisoner in your own body. I hope this might help some of you at least to know you aren't alone. x

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  27. Tamieyka
    Tamieyka avatar
    1 posts
    24 November 2017

    Hi all

    Im new to bb

    I have been struggling with anxiety for about 5 years now and have just come to relise after doing some research that what i thought was generalized anxiety disorder may well be health anxiety i am constantly feeling different sensations in my body from tingling in my ears and head to numbness so it has me constantly thinking i have some sort of disease that is slowly killing me.

    I have come off my medication about 2.5 months ago after being on it for 3 years and it is like bam i am experiencing all these different physical symptoms that i have never felt before and they seem to change every couple of days.

    I was wondering what have others tried that has helped them i am currently seeing a psychologist and carry a bottle of rescue remedy with me for when it gets very serve so i can function,

    I feel like it is controlling my life and i cant be happy cause of the physical symptoms constantly makibg me think i am dying

  28. Ms Worrywart
    Ms Worrywart avatar
    1 posts
    9 December 2017 in reply to Tamieyka

    Hi All

    I am truly glad that I have come across this forum, as reading some of the posts here has made me feel a little less insane.

    Why and when my anxiety started is a little unknown to me. Maybe it was the traumatic labour I went through, perhaps it’s working with oncolog patients or seeing people suffer.... it could be any or none of the above.

    The number of investigations that I have had thus far is astronomical, with each one feeling like a near death experience that had heightened my anxiety.

    It started with difficulty with breathing, numbness and vertigo, which I now know was a panic attack.

    It didn’t stop there. I had suspected that I had a symptoms related to a brain tumour (3 times in the last 5 years- MRIs revealed nothing), ovarian cancer 4 times (annual ultrasounds- cyst removed- again it was nothing), liver cancer 2 times (abnormal blood work that went back to normal- again nothing), thyroid cancer (bloods not ok, thyroiditis, treatable- no cancer), eye cancer ( detailed imaging for orbital pain, blurry vision and headache- bad prescription- nothing else/no cancer), MS (multiple specialists, scan- no MS), throat cancer (persistent pain and difficulty swallowing- irritation, cause unknown, but no cancer), bowl cancer (endoscopy and colonoscopy- all clear), melanoma (two assessments on top of regular check up- nothing), cervical cancer (specialist check- nothing),...

    Having had to think about all of that has made me feel sad and frustrated. I am angry at myself for not being able to rationalise and let go of these negative thoughts.

    Does anyone have a solution other than medication? I want to enjoy and look forward to the future, but am genuinely struggling to stay positive.

    Sending you all lots of love!

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  29. Rok2
    Rok2 avatar
    3 posts
    10 December 2017
    Ok, so I've been suffering with anxiety and PTSD for several years as a result of the sudden loss of a parent and all of the flow-on effects which have been ongoing ever since. For the past year or so, I've developed a severe fear of getting sick and having life threatening ailments. I've googled and googled anxiety disorders and never heard of health anxiety until I stumbled upon this forum today... And I believe that is what I'm suffering with as I've been able to relate to every single post, and I finally feel like I'm not crazy and maybe there is hope for me... Over the past year, I've had two MRI's, xrays, been to hospital three times thinking I was having a heart attack, thought I was having a stroke, believed I had cancer, epilepsy, blood clots, brain aneurysm (had an uncle die suddenly of one earlier this year) and so on... My symptoms seem to morph to fit whatever illness I think I have... My most worrying and current one is my belief that I may be suffering from motor neuron disease. I've been suffering symptoms such as tight chest, trouble breathing, numbness and tightness of the throat, yet all tests so far have come back clear. I have had a fresh round of blood tests and an Mri done this week, hoping that the results will help to settle these fears down again. The thing is, test will come back clear and give me reassurance for a few weeks and then, bang, it starts up again. My anxiety is getting very severe, to the point where I'm stressing about it from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. It is exhausting and pushing me to the point of desperation. I have been wanting to see a psychologist but haven't for fear of sounding ridiculous. Now that I know it's a real thing, I have been given a little bit of hope. It's reassuring to know other people are going through the same thing. I'm mostly now just annoyed at the fact that these lesser known types of anxiety don't ever seem to get mentioned in mainstream society, and even on mental health websites?? Leaving people like us feeling hopeless and helpless for far too long... I'm still scared and fearful but it's been reassuring to read other people's experiences and actually have a name to put to this horrible illness I've been dealing with, alone, for so long.
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  30. lucyvanpelt
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    25 January 2018 in reply to Rok2
    Honestly i cried reading this whole thread! Its such a relief and i relate so much to what people have shared. Thankyou! Ive had health anxiety and OCD since i was a child. I feel really trapped!Its completely taking over my life and making it impossible to enjoy anything or focus. I feel like even seeing my doctor doesnt reassure me anymore because i assume she must just not take my symptoms seriously having seen me freak out about so many different things over the years. My current fear is related to tingling sensations/pins and needles/numbness in my left foot and hand. Seriously every morning i wake up so desperate not to feel them and every day i do and it just derails everything!i m so torn because im similtaneously so embarrassed about it and feel so silly, and also so terrified that my health anxiety will create a "boy who cried wolf" effect where ill have/do have something really serious and no one will believe me or i wont believe myself :( . Has anyone found any treatments or coping stategies that work for them? Im exhausted

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